Really?? Never gave an update – how lame…

Okay ya’ll so I realize I never really gave an update from a couple posts that I wrote previously.  Back at the beginning of September I gave a challenge to our C3 people called the “Mina Offering Challenge”.  It was a precursor to setting up our annual “Day of Service”. (scroll to bottom of post where it says “brings me to today October 4” to see what we did)

Basically each year we take a Sunday morning and DO NOT MEET for a typical “worship service” but instead move out into our community and serve in different areas.  As you can see on the post that had the recap of the “Day of Service” above it was exciting times and a lot go accomplished.

But I NEVER stopped to let you know what happened on Sunday, October 11th when everyone brought back the money from the “Mina Offering Challenge”.  Just as a reference point – back on the Sunday, September 6th when I laid out the message and original challenge we gave out envelopes with $10 bills in them to anyone who wanted to participate and asked them to “put the mina to work” and to prepare to bring back what they earned from that in about a month.  We ended up giving out $400 as a catalyst to see what the people would do with the money.

We are still trying to collect stories from all that was done.  I know some people bought supplies and baked bread and made jams & jellies from home grown things in order to sell to friends and at farmer’s markets in the area.  Some did things like dog/house sitting to earn extra money, they worked to restring tennis rackets and make homemade pizzas to sell as well as making personalized aprons for working in the kitchen and for the fellas to use while grillin’ out.  The ideas and the creative were AWESOME.

So on October 11th it was time for the “proof to be in the pudding” and we took up the offering and totalled it all up.  Some of the money would still be trickling in after that time but overall that $400 “start-up” turned into just a lil over $8,200!!!!  One of the guys helping us count the money was completely blown away.  He said he figured that we would receive enough to cover our “Day of Service” costs (that is the plan that this money would go toward covering the costs to serve and give to the ministries we worked with on our “Day of Service”) but figured that would be about it – which that goal had been about $4,300.  He was amazed that it was almost TWICE that amount.

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW – people got EXCITED & CREATIVE about following a very applicable principle from scripture.  Take what the Lord has given you – multiply your talents, efforts, and activity and then watch Him take it and bless it!!!  What an AWESOME time to see people get excited over hearing that God multiplied that $400 by 20 Times to create over $8,200.

What is even more incredible is that it did NOT affect our regular offering ONE BIT – typically on something special like this – some people decide to divert their regular giving to the special cause.  Our regular offering also ended up being about $8,800 (our general weekly giving is averaging in the low $4,000 range).  How awesome to see God work in our people collecting and giving over $17,000 in ONE DAY for some TREMENDOUS CAUSES.

The extra money we collected above the “Day of Service” costs – were NOT going back into our pockets – we planned to still give that away.  We did so by giving to an exciting adventure out in Las Vegas by our buddy Vince – see more of that by checking out another recent post I had.

SO PRAISE GOD FOR TAKING US ON A FUN/WILD RIDE THROUGH THE MINA CHALLENGE OFFERING – find out more about the story found in Luke 19:11-27.


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