Neal LIVE @ The Punchline!

Here it is everyone!  My live performance @ The Punchline Comedy Club

Hope you enjoy – leave me some feedback on the performance!



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9 responses to “Neal LIVE @ The Punchline!

  1. Tallon

    Great routine Neal! 5 stars! 😀

  2. Craig

    Nicely done Neal! Good stuff. I am surprised you forgot a line! You never forget one during a sermon!! Usually you add in extras!

    • ha ha ha That is the funny part – preaching is much easier – learn concepts and talk as long as you WANT on a concept but not memorize lines – this deal – memorize WORD FOR WORD – much harder – I kept telling our teacher that I am much better at ad libbing but I had to do what I had to do. But at least I think it worked to my favor to turn the screw up into something funny. Thanks for checking it out man and congrats on the big win today on the radio! ha haha

  3. Neal,

    Thanks for that! Great job, I enjoyed it. When is your next show!?

    Are you going to try this again or was this a one time deal?

  4. Lisa

    Neal…Linens and things is closed.

  5. hey man. The best compliment I can give on this is that you really looked like a real comedian! I was actually quite impressed. It wasn’t just a funny guy being funny, it was well timed and good segues. Knowing that it was your first time leaves me saying you should definitely do it more and keep working on it.

    I thought the Car bit would be developed into an even longer bit. Old car jokes are really funny to me.

    Great work man.

  6. Pam P

    NEAL!! That was hilarious. I actually remember the Pontiac – ha ha. I swear I heard Lisa laughing in the audience when you were talking about it. Really good job Neal – I’m glad I finally got see it.

    • Hey Pam – great to hear from ya – and thanks for the encouragement – it was a blast! Yeah the Old Pontiac was good times and HECK YEAH you heard Lisa’s laugh – she exploded when I said Pontiac 6000 and then you can hear her when I said L-E ha ha ha – it was pretty funny that you could hear her so clearly. Hope you all are doing well!

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