Yeah – I know – I have done a HORRIBLE job keeping up with my blog lately.  That’s not the ONLY aspect of my life that has been undisciplined lately – things have been a blur as of late and I have simply gotten slack!

It hit me like a brick to the head when I was trying to upload my latest newsletter to the blog but couldn’t remember what the last edition was that I had online.  So I went and looked back and was like “OH CRAP” – the last one I posted was JULY 09 – man I AM SLACK!

So I am making a commitment to doing better at keeping up with not only my newsletters but also to keeping up with the blog.  I want to start getting back to my “On an Island with Jesus” series and digging back into the Gospel accounts of Jesus life and seeing how that challenges me.  I also had a buddy who said he missed some of my video “Camry Conversations” so I want to get back to the video blogs as well.

So I am drawing a line in the sand and rededicating myself to the blog world!

Looking forward to seeing you all around here real soon!  I will be updating those past issues of my newsletter starting tomorrow – but I will get up the November issue later this evening!

Thanks for bearing with me and I vow to do better next time!


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