Possible Building – Prayers Beneficial!

Hey Everyone – asking for a lil PRAYER HELP to be lifted up.

The C3 family via the leadership has put in a letter of intent with an offer on a building.  Jeff has been keeping us updated on our search for a new location occasionally on Sunday mornings but I wanted to take the time to let ya know what was taking place and to ask for your prayers ASAP!!!

This building is located (see pic below) on Kennesaw Due West Rd – Right beside Hayes Elementary School & across the street from a Right Aid.  In the picture it is the building with a GREEN ARROW above it.  It was formerly the “West Cobb Wellness Center”.

So we are asking you to earnestly pray for a few things – we feel God has been moving in this situation and that there are some “positive factors” in our favor but we DEEPLY DESIRE this to be completely God’s will for us.

So let’s pray:

1) That the owner accepts our financial offer and lease terms

2) That we are able to locate a reliable & knowledgeable architect & contractor to run this process (Jeff has some strong leads in this area)

3) That we will be able to raise up some SERIOUS funding from our own Church family as well as outside resources to finance the “start-up” costs of getting the building ready to use – if God blesses us with the rental of this property.

4) That we will be able to come together as a Church family and all be willing to sacrifice and make financial commitments to the monthly increase of budget that a step of faith like this will take.

5) That in ALL THINGS we HONOR & GLORIFY GOD with what takes place – that we DO NOT VIEW this building as what will make us grow or great – but that GOD is what makes us good IF ANYTHING – and that we will USE THIS TOOL of a building to better enhance His Kingdom and better reach our community.

So there it is people – now it’s time to – GET TO PRAYIN’!!!

I am truly excited to see God work in some mysterious and monstrous ways for the future of our Church family!

Seeking HIS WILL in our futures!

Neal A.


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