Will WORK for food….

We’ve all seen those people standing on the side of the road with signs – and if you are like me sometimes it is much easier to drive by & judge than to stop and engage.  So coming off our “Soul Revolution” series & the 60/60 Experiment – I felt like I needing ask God what He wanted me to do.  So I prayed & pondered and then I stopped and interacted – so here is the story…  (via the e-mail I just sent out to our Church body to seek help)

I met a guy yesterday who he and his family are really in need right now.

His name is Todd and he and his wife and I think 5 kids (not young kids – he said they have been married 29 years & has a grandbaby) live in the Smyrna area (near where I live, been there 35 years) but he was over here at the intersection of Mars Hill & Cobb Pkwy trying to find work.

I stopped and talked to him for a few minutes to see his story – he seems like a legit guy just looking to find work.  His gas & electricity have been cut off.  They do have a fire place where they can keep warm, they do have a phone, and 1 car left.  He had his truck repo’d cause he couldn’t make payment.

He is by trade a ROOFING SPECIALIST – but he is also a carpenter.  HE IS NOT however able to do electrical/plumbing or heat/air unit stuff.  He said he can do anything EXTERIOR from Roof to Curb – they (He and his sons – he ran a roofing business and they worked for him) do Exterior Repair and Maintenance.  He said he can do just about any type of work down that line that ya need – this includes PAINTING as well.

I have just spoken to him by phone and asked him to send me some form of document with his expertise and experience as well as some references that can be checked.  This way I also have something to pass out to people who might be interested.

He has some “feelers” out for some long term jobs but they have to have work RIGHT NOW each day to make ends meet.  He said he is not a big fan of just “getting handouts” that he wants to work for the money.  He says he will do the work and have you be happy with it before he is paid a dime.

So I was straight up with him – I told him I don’t have any extra money – that I can’t promise him anything from my church or friends – that I don’t even have a house of my own to have work done but that I would do all I could to find him some work or some help.

IF ANY OF YOU – KNOW ANYONE LOOKING TO HIRE – OR HAVE WORK YOU NEED DONE YOURSELVES – OR YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION of something to be done to help this family PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get in contact with me.  I am willing to try and make any connection that I need to – he even said I could stop by his home (because it is near where I live in Smyrna) and take me around to jobsites to show me his work.

I am thinking & praying and seeking how we might be able to help this man and his family.  Right now there biggest need is to get the gas cut back on for heat (he said they are taking baths by heating up water in the fireplace and pouring it in tub) – They owe $550 and then have to pay another $150 for a deposit.  He at no point asked me for that money – I had to ask him what they owed.  He did say there is a church who has contacted him to possibly get this worked out.  I told him to keep in touch with me if this happened.

Anyway – there is the need – and with each need is an opportunity for God’s people to do good.  I am not sure that any ONE of us can do this alone – but working together as HIS BODY I believe we can make a difference.  And not just a “difference for one day” but a difference for their future as well.

Not asking anything specific – just asking for you to help me to find a way to help them!

Please pray for Todd and his family – pray for open doors, for wisdom and stewardship, and for whatever their spiritual standing is that this process will draw them into God’s presence!

THANKS THANKS THANKS for being a church family that is willing to listen & respond!


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