17) Pine for Wine – John 2:1-11

Join me as I take a walk through the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John, (aka the “Gospels”) in a Chronological Order and try to grow closer to, and learn more about Jesus.  Feel free to go back and read the INTRO ABOUT THIS SERIES to understand where all this came from for me.

Today we jump into an EXTREMELY important and rather intriguing episode in the life of Jesus.  This is found in John 2:1-11.  It is an episode that I have already, to some extent blogged and talked about.  This is the passage that I shared about back in August upon a visit to MACU.

Since I’ve already written about it & spoke on it in chapel (The online audio you can find on the earlier blog post).  I won’t go into as much detail here.

Basically we see that Jesus & his mom & his disciples were all the kind of people you would want at a party.  Here they were attending a wedding – you know just hanging out – enjoying this wonderful and exciting time of celebration with family and friends.  So Jesus wasn’t some “stuff shirt/robe” religious freak.  He was someone that people would want at the party.

I also got from this story that when trouble arose in a situation – for whatever reason – it was Jesus that people would turn to.  You see Jesus had NOT YET PERFORMED any miracles at this point in his life (see vs. 11).  So there was no real specific reason to believe that Jesus was going to do something miraculous.  So what this tells me is that He had at least proven that He was reliable and was also caring enough to be someone that would do all that He could do to help in a crisis situation.

I also really like that Mary – even though Jesus was sort of hesitant to do something miraculous and thus “let people in on His secret” – she knew that Jesus would do SOMETHING.  Thus the reason after asking Jesus to help and Him sort of asking why would she involve Him – Mary simply turned to the servants and said: “Do whatever he tells you.” I wish we could all have that same faith in what Jesus has in store for our lives – no telling what might would happen!

Then Jesus busts out a miracle – that gets the bridegroom’s family out of hot water due to not having enough wine for everyone. (to know why that matters – check this out) So from the earliest days we see that Jesus was willing to do miraculous things to get people out of trouble – which culminated with what He would do on the cross and through the empty tomb – to get each and every one of us out of the trouble we are in due to sin.

I love how this passage finishes out – in verse 11 it simply closes with this short but POWERFUL phrase:  “He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.” –  Through this event at the wedding in Cana – it was much more than simply about some people needing wine so they would avoid ridicule – it truly was about a people needing a Savior that would allow them (and us) to avoid a Christ-less eternity!

May His glory CONTINUE to be revealed and may those who are willing to be His disciples – truly put our faith in Him!


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