2 Days in the WORD

So if you read my POST YESTERDAY about our Church’s new Bible Reading Plans for this year – you know that I am going to occasionally post about my YEAR IN THE WORD readings.

Today would be one of those days.  I am excited and encouraged because in the last 2 days I have done WAY MORE

reading in God’s Word than I have in quite some time (shamefully but truthfully speaking!)

In this 2 Day period I have read from Genesis Chapters 1-8, Psalms Chapters 1-3, Matthew 1-2:12, and finally Acts 1-2:21.  The readings are based on reading a section each day from 4 different readings.  It has been challenging but really refreshing at the same time.

Typically I am not one that likes to read from multiple places at the same time – the way my mind works it tends to get pretty confusing as to what detail I read where – but since these are vastly different stories and sections of scripture it is somewhat easy to keep it separated.  But I also found something EXTREMELY interesting today in my reading and wanted to share.

While I was reading in 4 different sections of scripture – by 4 vastly different authors – and 4 TOTALLY different parts of God’s grand story – it was intriguing to realize a VERY CONSTANT THEME through it all!

In Genesis 5-8 I was reading of the account of Noah and the Ark.  How people all over the earth had turned away from God and were in great opposition of Noah and his righteousness before God.  So God decided to do something about it and bring a flood.  In Psalm 3 the account was from David when he was on the run from Absalom.  Of course David was fearing for his life and was on the run and facing MAJOR opposition.  Then in Matthew 2:1-12 we find part of the account of Jesus’ birth and the Magi from the East trekking long distance to find the baby.  We find King Herod being in GREAT OPPOSITION of this new King and desiring to find & kill baby Jesus.  Finally in Acts 2:1-21 we find the “Day of Pentecost” and the disciples being at the Temple of Jesus had ascended to Heaven.  These disciples who had seen their world thrown into chaos with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, but now He was gone – and they were left to face strong opposition from the world and the religious leaders.


Well HE SHOWED UP – in all 4 stories we see God’s Gracious PROVISION – in MIGHTY, MYSTERIOUS, MIRACULOUS WAYS!  In Genesis He sent a flood but provided an Ark and salvation of His people despite the destruction and devastation.  In Psalm 3 God provided for David and allowed him to sleep and find rest.  In Matthew God intervened and sent an Angel to the Magi and told them to go home a new way and not tell Herod where the baby was.  Then in Acts we see the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT come upon the disciples as the sound of a mighty rushing wind and looking like tongues of fire.  Then we see Peter deliver one of the most powerful sermons EVER.  All of these things got the people’s attention and showed that OUR GOD REIGNS and that He will SHOW UP and PROVIDE even when WE CANNOT SEE or IMAGINE HOW!

So Thank you Lord for allowing me in only 2 DAYS IN THE WORD – to get another powerful glimpse of your great PROVISION!


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