Captain or Coward….

Check out this LATEST CAMRY CONVERSATION to answer the question…..

Then I DEFINITELY wanna hear your responses/comments/thoughts!

This is the first Camry Convo of the New Year – WOOO HOOOO!


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One response to “Captain or Coward….

  1. Hmmm…I tend to be a coward that realized that I HAVE to be a captain when it matters. I don’t like conflict but many times I force myself to say what needs to be said. Actually, I think many people might be surprised to know how much I hate conflict since I am so often in the middle of it. I just feel that It’s more important for me to do the right thing and I always feel better once it’s resolved.

    I also believe that you CAN disagree without being disagreeable. It’s not always possible, in fact…I might even believe that it’s not always necessary…haha…sometimes you just have to burn bridges…

    Good thoughts on conflict. Especially your observation about the absurdity of the allstate commercial! haha. I look forward to your followup.

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