I’m a leavin’ on a jet plane….

But I DO know when I’ll be back again (Lord willing – I guess we should always end our man-made plans with that phrase shouldn’t we???)

Okay so I am catching an airtran flight out tomorrow – Thursday 1/14 heading to Raleigh, NC.  Gonna catch up with some good friends in that area on Thursday evening/night.

On Friday 1/15 I’m heading out by car (THANKS BOB & ROXIE!!!) to G-VEGAS!  Gonna try and catch up with friends in the Greenville area some during that day.  Eventually ending up at my friends – Aaron & Laura’s home for the evening/night.

Finishing up on Saturday trying to squeeze in any last minute visitations & hangouts before the BIG EVENT!

The WHOLE REASON I am going is to see my dear friend MISS SOON TO NO LONGER BE CONNIE GIBBS – get married.  I am really excited for her – she is a great friend and someone I love dearly.  She is marrying a great guy and I am pumped to be able to get back that way to be a part of the festivities.

Then hopping in the car on Saturday night to ride back to RDU and catch a quick flight back to the ATL so I can get in and get ready for another ROCKING day of worship & fellowship @ Christ’s Church @ Cobb.

Pretty excited as I get to preach about the story of Esther!

Lot’s going on but should be GREAT TIMES – Thanks Lord for working it all out to enjoy such a wonderful time of family & friends & fellowship!  May you be honored in all that we do and say in the coming days!


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One response to “I’m a leavin’ on a jet plane….

  1. Beth H. Bauer

    Hey Neal! Have a safe trip

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