So mine is not the only Camry…

I figured I had not given an update on the old Toyota Camry in a while – nothing really has happened lately to speak of. (not since the Camry Christmas Present to me) So I have a couple things to share today:

1) Normally it’s always me givin’ the Camry a bad wrap – but I DO HAVE something to celebrate this time around – The old girl broke the 196,000 mile barrier this past week!  So far so good into the new year!

2) Today I went to a local Mexican eatery for some lunch and low and behold there was another Gray Toyota Camry that looked EXACTLY like mine – same faded color – looked like same year & model.  Same broken-down, life-draining look about it – EXCEPT it wasn’t missing it’s Driver’s side door handle  –  but wait just a moment IT WAS HOWEVER missing the gas tank pop-out cover.

Yep tis true – so it looks like mine is not the only broke-down-beat-up 1992 Gray Toyota Camry in existence – WHEW!  Now all is right again in this world!



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2 responses to “So mine is not the only Camry…

  1. lsaufley

    Funny story…we once went out to the Chinese buffet and on when we left we got in the explorer and started to put Annagrace in her carseat and then realized that her carseat was missing. And then I realized that I couldn’t get the key in the ignition. You guessed it…someone with a black Ford Explorer Sport had parked right next to us! We hurried up and got out of the other person’s vehicle and got out of there as quick!

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