Since we last met…

Yeah so it has been a couple weeks since I updated the old blog – so much has happened and so many miles traveled!

It all started on Tuesday Feb. 2nd as my buddy Tim and I headed for Sunny South Florida!  We were heading down there to do some work for the Ticket Company that his wife and he owns/runs. It was QUITE the interesting experience working the days that led up to one of the BIGGEST SPORTING EVENTS of the year – Super Bowl 44.  You’ll have to remember to ask me about some of the stories next time you see me.

Things got crazy due to an illness in Tim’s family – his father had gotten sick and ultimately ending up losing a battle with ongoing illness and passing away that Friday afternoon Feb. 5th.  So needless to say once I returned home from Florida things were still crazy with the funeral plans and services and the family all traveling in – it was truly a whirlwind time.

Then the following week I spent time trying to catch up from my time being away while at the same time preparing for yet another trip.  The 2nd trip was going to be heading back to NC to meet up with friends and family for a great UNC Tarheel Reunion event in Chapel Hill.  I mentioned this a while back in a post.

My sister Lisa, another friend from the ATL area and myself loaded up in the car on Thursday, Feb. 11th to make the trek back to Raleigh NC.  We got to spend time visiting with friends and family and also got to be a part of an AWESOME NIGHT of history and honor with the UNC CELEBRATION OF A CENTURY!

We had about 30 friends and family get together for supper before the event and then go hang out at the event.  It was an absolutely incredible experience made even better by the company with which we got to share those moments.  Then on Saturday I had the good fortune to also be able to attend the much awaited rematch between the UNC Tarheels and the ncsu wolfpack.  Which I was thrilled to watch UNC end a tough losing streak against their rivals from just down I-40.

All in all it was another CRAZY ROAD TRIP but totally worth all the driving and craziness – BUT was a major reason why I’ve been MIA in the blogosphere as of late!

But I must say it is good to be back on a regular schedule and even better to get back to blogging!


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