Words to the wise…

Okay I need your help/feedback!

Leave a COMMENT ON THIS POST based on the following thoughts:

If you had 2 things to say – or about 1 minute to speak – to a group of students graduating from college – things that you felt like were VITALLY IMPORTANT for them to know as they trekked into their new world – WHAT WOULD YOUR WORDS TO THE WISE BE?


If you are IN COLLEGE and nearing your own time of graduation and could ask a couple pieces of advice or bend the ear of a mentor for about 1 minute’s time – what would it be that you so greatly desire to know?

(Please indicate which of these scenarios you fall into as you leave your advice)



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5 responses to “Words to the wise…

  1. One day you will look back on your college years and say, “I wish I only had to worry about writing papers and taking tests!”

  2. Krystal Strawderman

    Take advantage of every opportunity; meet new people, travel much, spend little.

  3. Lisa Bennett

    *(assuming this “group” is one of Christians) Your only “to-do” to focus on is “to stay connected to The Vine” – if you do this then you will accomplish everything else that God has for you to do.

    *You do NOT know it all, so be teachable… even when you DO know more still be humble and listen!

    *Go through the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Course – SERIOUSLY, start right now…what you learn can change your life and your future.

    *Look for the good and CELEBRATE it – no one wants to be around someone who is always negative – and that includes yourself – you’ll be miserable with yourself AND lonely.

    • jeanne davis

      Be true to yourself. Pay attention to you inner voice and follow those instincts that tell you what is right or wrong for you to do. When you are true to yourself then you are doing and listening to God talking and telling you what he wants you to do.

  4. levi

    Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourself, do what it says. – James 1:22 if they be christian.

    If not party hard rock and roll, drink a …. wait that is bad advice. 🙂 HAHA!

    Be honest is my advice. Your name and handshake should mean something. Be people of your word and try to never have to go back on what you promise.

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