“There’s something happening here…

What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

Well I’m not sure what it is but I really am liking it – so far this week I have spent only about 8 hours watching TV – starting with Sunday AM till now and I have spent time reading approximately 3.5 hours of THE WORD.  This does not include other types of reading – just talking strictly reading the Bible & journaling some notes from what I read.

This is like an all-time record for me to have TV vs. The Bible being that close (well not counting camp or retreats where we were removed from TV – talking strictly “normal life” and making CHOICES)

Not saying it will last like this forever but I do enjoy seeing how it improves my overall outlook & focus on life!

God is also showing me some pretty cool stuff through His Word!

When was the last time you compared your time in THE WORD to either TV or something else you spend a great amount of time during your week doing?  It can be a real eye-opener as to what things are most important to our lives.

As they say – wanna see where your priorities are – then peek into your CALENDAR & your CHECKBOOK!


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One response to ““There’s something happening here…

  1. Wow. That’s a great idea. I may have to try and do that sometime.

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