$124 and change…

and I’m talking the kind of “change” we can ALL BELIEVE IN!

Tonight my Community Group got together to hang out and do a little service project action.  We were sorting clothes and supplies that people from our church had gathered this morning at our Sunday Service.  The guys also sat around a table and sorted out coins & cash and rolled & counted it all.  This money had been collected via a project that our “Kidzone Kids” (that is the Children’s Ministry program at our Church – Christ’s Church @ Cobb) had been collecting through offerings on Sunday Mornings and collecting spare change.

We were taking up that money to give a donation toward a TRULY WONDERFUL MINISTRY in the urban center of downtown Atlanta.  It is called Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta!

We have decided that we will devote MUCH of this year to show that our “Kidzone Kids – Care about Care Net!”.  They will collect money, supplies, and write notes of encouragement (today they colored pages that told the workers of Care Net that they are TRUE HEROES for serving in this highly critical ministry in downtown ATL and then wrote little notes thanking the workers for giving of their time, talent, and energies!)

So along with the pile of supplies, clothes, toys, etc – our kids have collected over $120 in just 2 months to send to Care Net – I am SO EXCITED to see our young people caring for a ministry that cares for parents/babies/families that are in CRISIS situations and have nowhere else really to turn.

So if you are looking for a GREAT PLACE to get involved or send some of your OWN support – CARE NET would be a tremendous option – and you could join an AWESOME group of young kids @ C3 – where we LOVE THE FACT that “Kidzone Kids – Care about CARE NET!”


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