Big Announcement – Future @ CCC!

Okay everyone – I’ve finally stopped long enough to give an update for the plans ahead for my life & ministry – well at least for the next 9 months worth anyway.

This past Sunday @ CCC Jeff took a few moments to explain to the church family about some INCREDIBLY EXCITING things in the coming months.  As many of my friends, family, and supporters know – I have been weighing a number of options about what I would be doing in the future.  This was because when I originally “signed on” @ CCC it was going to basically be  a 2 year “Apprenticeship” to check out church planting and new church work.

That 2 year period was from July 2008 till July 2010.  So I am only about 4 months away from that and had really been seeking what the best “next step” would be.  After much prayer, discussion, and planning – I have made some decisions.

Jeff and I had the chance to sit down and talk some about the future of the church here @ CCC and there are a LOT of exciting things on the horizon – let me share with you some of those things – which Jeff shared on Sunday:

1) After our recent evaluation and time with the consulting group Auxano back at the end of 2009.  We are working on the final stages of some major “revisions” and overhauls to WHAT CCC is all about.  So in the coming months we will be going through sort of a “rebooting/relaunching” phase.  This will include a name change for the church as well.

2) Along with the above mentioned items we are DESPERATELY seeking God’s guidance on finding a new facility to meet in for our church family.  Ideally we want our OWN 24/7 space where we can meet for our weekly large group worship services, but also host & house other events.  As well as the opportunity to allow community groups to use the facilities as well.

3) We have also put a MAJOR push on for our own church family to “JUST JUMP IN” and get out and serve and get involved – to help “Bring the Jesus Life – to EVERY Life!” To find was to SERVE like Jesus served.  So there is a lot on the horizon with those plans which will take lots of effort in coordinating and planning.

4) With all of these above tasks at hand there is going to be a LOT on Jeff’s shoulders as the “Lead Guy” and thus it will afford me the opportunity to help with some of that – as well as maybe even pick up more of the “preaching load” to allow him to be more effective in other areas.

5) I am also having the TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY to serve on the “advisory board” for a project that I believe will BLOW UP upon arrival in the ATL – by working with the organization “Stop Hunger Now”.

SO – HAVING SHARED ALL OF THE ABOVE – it was decided that I would stay on with CCC at least through the end of this year.  So I will be here in the good ole DIRTY SOUTH at least till the end of 2010.  So this adds about another 6 months above and beyond what I had planned.  This also allows me to sort out some possible “ventures” that I am considering at the start of 2011.


I STILL WILL NEED YOUR HELP – for those who have been such VITAL & GRACIOUS SUPPORTERS, whether through prayer & encouragement and/or through financial support.  The church still does not have the funds to pay me – especially considering they have other staffing needs before even ENTERTAINING the idea of an Associate Minister.  There is also the huge obstacle of increased money needs for our church family as we consider renting a facility to have as our 24/7 home site.


1) As mentioned in a recent post – I am within about 1 month of being “DEBT FREE” with the exception of my mortgage on my condo in Raleigh.

2) I am strongly considering selling my condo in Raleigh to remove any concerns of having to rent it if & when I lose the current renters.

3) The WONDERFUL STEPHENS’ family has agreed to allow me to keep living with them till the end of 2010 – which removes a MAJOR FINANCIAL COST of living in the ATL  (who knows just how much money they have saved me from having to raise over these couple years – TRULY A GOD-SEND!!!)

4) This week I received an INCREDIBLE & UNEXPECTED “special gift” toward the fundraising efforts over these final 9 months of my time with CCC.

5) I am investigating a possible opportunity to work in a very “part time” role with another ministry agency that would allow me to make some supplemental income while staying on with CCC Full-time but easing some of the burden of my fundraising efforts.


1) To find out if any of my current supporters are able to continue & at what rate of regular support or special “up front” gift they will be able to supply.

2) To really begin the process of taking money that I was putting toward debt – and save it up to be on the look out for a newer vehicle – as many of you are aware “the old camry” ain’t gonna cut it much longer!

3) To find any NEW or EXTRA support givers that could jump in and help ease the burden of those who have been AWESOME in their support of me and this ministry opportunity over the last couple years.

4) For you to being PRAYING for our church family as we go through these MAJOR TRANSITIONS  – and for me individually as I make plans for the coming 9 months NOW knowing where I will be.  Then also for the “groundwork” of some of the things I believe God is leading me in starting in 2011.

Well I think that about sums up all the info from the big announcement.  As always if ANYONE has ANY questions regarding what is going on or how you could partner with me – please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

I am truly blessed to be a part of something so special – I am continually HUMBLED by the graciousness of so many – and I am extremely excited about the coming months and all that God is planning to do here in the Acworth/Kennesaw area through HIS FAMILY @ CCC!


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