Sandal-Stealin’, Face-Spittin’, Crotch-Grabbin’ good times!

Often times people say they can’t read the Bible cause they don’t understand it or it’s boring or whatever else the excuse of the day may be.  Now I will agree there is a lot that doesn’t seem to make sense on the surface & some of it may be hard to understand, especially some of the Old Testament passages  –  BUT YOU CANNOT DENY THAT A LOT OF IT SIMPLY IS NOT BORING!

In my “Year In The Word” reading yesterday I came across this INSANE passage found in Deuteronomy.

Check out Deuteronomy 25 verses 5-12 for a couple CRAZY SCENES!

I would say Verse 9 and then 11-12 would definitely qualify for the “Jerry Springer Section” of scripture! ha ha ha

And you thought the OT was BORING!!!


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One response to “Sandal-Stealin’, Face-Spittin’, Crotch-Grabbin’ good times!

  1. Tim Cyphers

    Man this is funny stuff…especially the King James version. I love how it calls his private parts “his secrets”..hahahaha

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