Ladies & Gentlemen I JUST DID IT…

That’s right – I did it – I opened up the website – I checked a couple necessary columns of currency – I opened another website – I logged in and then I did it – I PAID OFF MY LAST BIT OF “non-housing” debt!

Just like I spoke about in a recent post where I have been overwhelmed by God’s blessings in my life through so many wonderful people.  I have made cutbacks and laid out plans and worked with (as Dave Ramsey puts it) “gazelle intensity” and finally was able to make the FINAL PAYMENT!

So now I am completely DEBT FREE with the exception of the loan on my home back in Raleigh, which I use as a rental property which covers the bills on that.

Now I can begin the REVERSE SNOWBALL effect of saving more and giving more and exciting things like that!

PRAISE BE TO GOD & NOW I BEGIN THE STASHING OF CASH & the planning of purchase to rid myself of the dreaded ’92 Camry – it’s day of reckoning shall soon be coming (at least in the next few months I hope).

Thanks for everyone who has helped with this

(I actually almost didn’t post this today due to the events of the recent couple days the last thing I wanted to do was add fuel to the fire – um money is missing – now Neal is paying off debt – hmmm that’s fishy – well GET THE CRAP OVER IT  –  I’ve been planning this for a while & worked hard and sacrificed so I WILL NOT be limited by other people’s judgment and stupidity – so I am pumped and celebrating being DEBT FREE!!!!)


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