iphone – just kidding = hussy

The iphone autocorrect feature never ceases to amaze me.

Today I was texting a friend and was planning to type “just kidding” (by the way I hate all that “shorthand” crap of j/k, lol, ttyl and for the most part I always actually type it out so I don’t turn into some sort of ignorant buffoon who has no idea how to actually spell things correctly).

As I began typing (between the small keyboard and my shaky hands this is no easy feat) I began typing and accidentally hit “Husd” and sure enough the trusty iphone autocorrect feature kicked in and typed “HUSSY” on my screen – this made me laugh out loud (LOL for all those who have been so brain damaged to not remember the actual correct spelling) that this would actually be in the dictionary as an autocorrect help!

So there you have it – now feel free to use your trusty iphone to start throwing around the term “HUSSY” at your slightest whim!  (That term actually got me in some pretty hot water one time in college – but we will save that story for another day!!!)

OK – TTYL – LOL – BRB – HUSSY…………. ROFL!!!!



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2 responses to “iphone – just kidding = hussy

  1. Mel-O

    So, I think I’ve told you before, but your name comes up as “neck” instead of neal. I think it’s funny. But that’s only if you have T9 style texting and you aren’t high-tech enough to have an iphone. some of us aren’t as fortunate. 🙂

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