And the saga continues…

Hey everyone – so today I got a message from a friend online (WHO LIVES IN GERMANY) and they said they saw a story on Fox News about the whole “armed robbery” saga that happened to me a couple weeks ago – READ HERE.

This was crazy to me – it didn’t list me by name but it was definitely my story and showed the guy who robbed me and gave details – you can check it out online here

But to add to the madness – I was also called yesterday by the DA’s office to let me know that there will be a “bond hearing” this coming Friday and that I could submit a statement to the judge (or I could show up in person but seeing as how it is @ 9 AM and over 2 hours away – that ain’t happening!) to indicate how I felt about the situation and what I desire to see happen.

So I just sent an e-mail and thought I’d share my thoughts/comments with you all here on my blog – so feel free to leave me a comment with what you think about my statement to them.  Here it is copied directly from the e-mail I sent – not sure how much of it they will read or whatever they will do in this process but I figured it would end up in some sort of records of the whole case.

“I believe this to be both a difficult and delicate situation.  While there is certainly some part of both myself and the friends of mine to whom this crime was committed, that would like to lash out in anger and frustration at the wrong that was done and maybe more so the person in the wrong.  There is also another part of me, a part that attempts to seek to understand the difficulties of the life of someone that would choose to endanger innocent people as well as their own self with these careless actions.  In attempting to understand this event I have come to a few realizations.  One of these is that I would like to believe myself to be incapable of doing something such as this to someone else, but at the same time have no idea of the validity of that belief since I have not lived or walked in the shoes of Mr. Pierce.

I also realize that whatever the circumstance of either poor choices on his behalf, pure evil of his intent, or uncontrolled environments that forced his hands that may have led to this crime taking place there are a few things that I believe MUST now take place.  Protection of the innocent, whether it be the people of Augusta, the victims of this particular crime or whomever else is involved; Punishment to the one at fault to bring about a hopeful realization that this type of action will not be tolerated; but also a Provision of rehabilitation.  You see I firmly believe in the old statement “there but by the Grace of God go I” – that even in the most careless and/or calculated acts of criminal intent – it does NOT indicate necessarily the lowering of the value of a human life.  I believe we are ALL created in the image of God and that through proper admission of guilt and desire to change along with rehabilitation and reinstatement, that all men are capable of finding a life of great value within their community, no matter what they may have done or been responsible for in their past actions.

So while I DO NOT wish any harm or ill will toward Mr. Pierce, and if and when we are ever to appear face-to-face again – I would want him to know and understand that I have forgiven him and more importantly God is also there ready to forgive and to empower him to make more out of his life than the simple existence that currently resides.  I choose to forgive based on the same exact forgiveness that God has given me in my own life each and every day.

I would also ask, based on the information that I have of Mr. Pierce being a repeat offender, that the court give STRONG consideration before enabling him to be a menace again to both himself and the community through an easy bonding process.  At the same time I would also like to encourage Mr. Pierce to seek a ‘better choice of living’ and to let him know that my thoughts, prayers, and heart go out to he and his family as they deal with the unfortunate choices and circumstances which have led him here today.”


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