You gotta Czech this out!

So our student minister from Christ’s Church @ Cobb was recently updating some things on our website when he came across a very intriguing find.  There is a page which lists stats about our website and visitors to the site – it has a listing of the “Top Referrers” for each month.  There was a website listed as the #1 referrer this past month – it sort of caught his eye so he clicked on the link because it seemed odd.

After he did some checking he got up with me to see if I knew anything about it – the funny thing is that I had seen this web-link before but never really paid any attention to it.  It seemed VERY ODD so I figured I had to check it out.


But here is where it gets funny – at first you might not notice anything but keep scrolling down – recognize anyone?  Yeah that’s right there is a picture of our LEAD MINISTER and my brother-in-law – JEFF BENNETT!  Since the website is from someone in the Czech republic and much is written in the Czech language I am unable to decipher most of the words on it.  But I was able to recognize his picture and name listed.  So we did a lil more research to see what the deal was.

The blog is about some video game series called “Spyro The Dragon” – which I had to look up on wikipedia.  Finally we began to get to the bottom of it all.  It seems that the blog was listing pictures of the “voice actors” who played characters in the different episodes and it seems that a guy named “Jeff Bennett” is the voice actor for a character in “The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning” – the character is Cyril/Flash.

WHO KNEW that Jeff had been moonlighting as a “Voice Actor” in these awesome video games for all these years.  Guess his fame finally caught up with him and is helping us bunches by driving major traffic to our website.  I know that New Churches sometimes go to great lengths to get “web-presence” and publicity but this is simply RIDONCULOUS! ha ha ha ha

Of course there was no “link” to click from that website to ours or for Jeff’s picture so we still are not sure how they are our top referrer but anyway it’s still a pretty hilarious situation!  So whomever you are out there in the Czech Republic who so dearly loves Spyro the Dragon – we want to THANK YOU for being such a big resource & referral for our church family!


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  1. Awesome!! now that’s web 2.0 promoting.

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