Don’t live in community – wanna join me?

So I am reading a book by my friend Vince Antonucci called “Guerrilla Lovers” and I came across a chapter last night that hit home with a lot of the thoughts I have been working through lately as I consider my next steps of life in Serving Jesus.  First I would highly encourage you to find a chance to purchase this book (already talked about this a while back) and get to reading it.

But I wanted to share some of the specifics with you and how it applies to what is going on for me & possibly for you too.

The chapter is # 17 called “Covert Cells” and here is how it begins:

“Want to really live the Christian life?
Want to impact the world through guerrilla love?
Then you must STOP living in community!”

See Vince really enjoys making statements that grab your attention and challenge your beliefs and force you to consider things from a new perspective – and I for one really like that – but come on Vince – really “STOP LIVING IN COMMUNITY” isn’t that what the early church was ALL ABOUT???

But then he continued through his uncanny ability to weave interesting stories, biblical principles and maniacal mental asides to present the case for doing something much better – to live in something called “communitas”.  I won’t go deep into this because he does a most excellent job of it in his book (did I mention you should get a copy and read it??).

So what does all this have to do with me or better yet with you?

Well as I mentioned yesterday – I am “praying forward” on an adventure and planning to “go till I get a NO” and I would be interested on whether or not anyone might want to join me.  I know that I have not really given much in the way of “exact details” on what this new project looks like.  But as God starts to reveal more of that to me I will most definitely pass it on.  What I do know though, is that I am NOT PLANNING ON DOING THIS ALONE – but now I have been challenged to not try and do it just in simple community but to go deeper into communitas!

So if anyone out there in my limited readership may be feeling some stirrings within their own soul to go on some sort of an adventure and what begins to unfold in the coming months sounds like something you are interested then please let me know.  If none of it appeals to you maybe the least you could do is be praying for some others to be raised up with the same heart and passion for this change.  I am hoping to build a team and to work through mentoring and raising up other leaders so that what God uses us to do is not local to one group or people or one place but instead can slowly be dispersed into other areas both local and abroad (which by interesting coincidence Vince’s next chapter about “Gas Molecules” just so happened to be about that idea of dispersing – GO FIGURE!)

I’d suggest getting Vince’s book – and to begin praying about what God may be up to in your own life & service for Him – I will also be unveiling some other books & resources that I am learning from that may help guide you through your own journey even if you feel the one I and some others will be on is not specifically for you!

Continuing to be excited to see what is in store – stay tuned & if God so guides – GET INVOLVED!



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2 responses to “Don’t live in community – wanna join me?

  1. Lisa Bennett

    oooohhhh, I’m so excited to hear more about this! Vince’s book is on my summer reading list!

  2. Levi

    Well just so happens I’ve been reading a book by Shane Claiborne called Irresistible Revolution and have been feeling some tugging going on to do and be more. I’ll check out Vince’s book and keep me informed of what you are thinking of and i may be in deep on it.

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