Between a rock & a Heart place..

So a couple days ago I mentioned on Facebook that I was “just slowly starting to turn over a new leaf – well I guess more like turning over a rock – either way I’m turning something over” but that I would explain later what I meant  – so now is the later (not talking about the candy either).

Most of you may not give a rip but some of you do – so I figured I’d share a lil bit about what is going on in my own life right now and what has caused some of this sudden desire for change.

REALIZATION: I’ve been doing some reading lately with a focus toward what some of my next venture in serving God may look like.  Through that I’ve been challenged with the idea of using all aspects of my life and having discipline in order to serve at full potential.  Then this past Sunday I had the pleasure of sharing a message I wrote a few years back during my campus ministry years about a story from Jesus’ life.  In it I was challenged about the fact in Luke 2:40,52 that Jesus grew in 4 areas. 1] Stature 2] Sagacity (wisdom) 3] Spiritually (favor with God) and 4] Socially (favor with men).  Also factoring into that equation is that while I’ve never been one to indulge in tons of “vices” I’m also not one to be a “health nut” and in my family (on both parents’ sides) there has been issues of some heart related things and high blood pressure yada yada.  So my realization was that as I am growing older it isn’t like my body will just naturally take care of itself and thus I need to do a better job.  I have grown more in the conviction that I need to be more disciplined in numerous areas so I can grow better & more healthy in Stature, Sagacity, Spiritually, and Socially.

MOTIVATION: I have decided that if I am going to truly love people the way that God loves people and the way that God has called ME to love people then I must continually seek to put others FIRST.  Which means I need to be motivated to do all that I am able to do to put myself in a position to have the TIME, ENERGY, EFFORT, UNDERSTANDING, etc. to be used by God.

PARTICIPATION: So I’m hoping that my role in this will not be some silly fleeting fad – something I get “gung-ho” about for a brief moment in time and then let slip by the wayside.  So that is part of the reason I am posting this for any and all to see and to participate how they see fit.  Meaning; read this and not care – read this and comment – read this and keep up – basically many forms of accountability.  Now I am also smart enough to realize this can’t be some “monumental” change in all these areas and aspects at once or else I will not stick with it.  So my participation will start out slow and steady with an effort towards it morphing as I achieve others levels of growth.

IMPLEMENTATION: For right now the main focus for me is attempting to get “healthier” in the physical sense.  Now my mode of that may differ greatly from those of you who are already well-schooled at something like this – so just bear with me.  I’ve never been want to have a strong desire to “work out” or “get in shape” or to “eat healthy”.  So here is my plan – I am RAMPING UP the water intake (I’ve already been a heavy water drinker ever since back a few years ago a friend told me he didn’t think I could do without drinking soda – ha ha ha everything is  a competition with me but I’ve stayed pretty true to that game) – I have taken the time to go purchase some “healthier” alternatives to some of the foods I normally eat.  REALIZE I AM NOT GOING ON A DIET – I don’t believe in that crap – so many of my friends start these INSANE deals and then can’t stick with it cause it is so hard to follow OR they do it for 6 months and then it is so different from their normal eating habits when they get “off the diet” they gain all the weight back.  So NO DICE – I am trying some “lifestyle” change aspects  (I’ll explain in a later post how I am starting).  I will also be attempting to get more (at least) light exercise in – I am still playing v-ball on a regular basis which always helps!

I am going to be doing a weekly “weigh-in” here on my blog (a friend of mine and I won’t mention any names since he basically quit and never finished sharing about his weight loss ha ha ha – did this and it gave me the idea).  So here is a quick life recap of weight – in High School I gained quite a bit of weight – I had a growth spurt that came late in H.S. and college and the Dr. said my body was gearing up for that, I also wasn’t playing sports my last 3 years of H.S. and then started back up in college.  I was about 211 pounds before college – by the end of my freshman year I was down to about 175 pounds at my lightest.  Then I gradually put weight back on and was in the 210-215 range just outta college.  Then as the “sedentary years” set in during “ministry” I finally got up to about 250 pounds at the heaviest – and now (okay well you will just have to check out the next post where I unveil my “starting point”).

I’m gonna be honest here – and this may bother some people but it ABSOLUTELY TICKS ME OFF TO SEE A BUNCH OF FAT – OUT OF SHAPE – UNHEALTHY men who call themselves “Ministers of the Gospel” – it has always bothered me and I guess that is another big “motivator” as well.  I get so sick of hearing about “health issues” or not being able to do things that God might have called them to do because of just simply being obese and not having control – oh sure they have a long list of “legit reasons” as to why they are ENORMOUS – but at some point it comes down to CHOICES they have made.  So now I realize that this is a place where I am MAKING MY CHOICE.  Not just to avoid being FAT & LAZY but to allow my body to be more healthy – so that I can have more energy and be able to do the things God is calling me to do.

Sorry I went on a lil rant and rampage but ultimately I guess I’ve decided that it boils down to the fact I was stuck between a “ROCK” – and that rock is my own stubborn mindset & pride and a “Heart place” – the place where if my Heart is to mirror that of God’s heart, then I need to be willing to be “inconvenienced” of some of the things I would normally do/eat or not do/not eat.  I feel as though HE has given me responsibility along with ABILITY and I need to expend it all for HIS CAUSE & SAKE.

So I am inviting anyone who might remotely care to check in and see how it goes.  Now at first I’ve focused a lot on the “Stature” and the body/health aspect.  I will also be working on the others too – but honestly this first one is the one probably lacking the most – so I am attacking there first – I believe if I work on the discipline needed to “clean that area up” it will spill over into the other areas and then I will be growing in a much more well-balanced way like Jesus was!

So Stay Tuned – I’m gonna call it “HEALTHY OR NOT HERE I COME” – so you can search for that Category to see updates in the future!


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  1. Neal, I have a lot of comments on this, but not in a harsh “go fatty go” sort of way. I may email this to you or send via FB message, but for the public blog record I think this is such a good thing.

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