“Healthy or Not Here I Come” week 2

Okay from here on this will be known as “HONHIC” (Healthy or Not Here I Come)

Week 2 edition is a lil “off track” – as I mention in LAST WEEK’s POST – I am at camp this week so I will not be at home to hit the scale on Wednesday and do an official “weigh in” and update.  So the best I have to offer is a lil “midweek” update.

I have stayed on the “water drinking” track and have had at least 1 Gallon of water every day since June 22 (through Sat. 7/3) – I will try and keep that up this week at camp.  I’m sure it will be hot as mess so the water will be very beneficial – just not sure of how easy it will be to keep the water bottle filled up.

I’ve tried to keep eating things that are healthier than my normal routine and even worked a lil more on cutting down the amount I eat.  Hopefully that will help with weight loss.  I have not been as diligent with staying on the treadmill although I did get to play volleyball last Wednesday evening for a couple hours and got a great workout.

So here is THIS WEEKS WEIGH IN – I am actually doing this on Sunday Morning so it is a mid-week weight since I won’t have anything to offer up on Wednesday – but I’ll do another weigh in actually ON WEDNESDAY on July 14th – so stay tuned:

Drumroll please…………………………..

As of Sunday, July 4th, 2010 my weight was:  233 lbs.

So at least a lil bit of a celebration as I’m starting to see some downward weight movement!  Not sure what will happen this week with “camp food” eating but at least I’ll be a lot more active!

Okay everyone – hope you all had a TREMENDOUS 4th of JULY – and I’m enjoying my week of camp – see ya next week for another episode of “HONHIC”!


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