“HONHIC – Wk 3” – Watergate Alive & Well…

Okay people here is your “HONHIC” (Healthy or Not Here I Come) week 3 update.  Remember from LAST WEEK – my schedule was a lil outta whack!

So here is what “Watergate” is all about – as of right now I am just a couple hours short of 10 FULL DAYS of drinking absolutely NOTHING BUT WATER!  It was something I didn’t even intend to do or plan on.  I have been trying to drink a lot more water and a lot less other stuff, but this just sort of happened.  In fact other than milk & orange juice (which I typically drink at breakfast) I haven’t had anything but water to drink for probably close to 3 weeks.  As I prepared to head to camp I was out of cereal, milk, and orange juice and wasn’t going to buy groceries right before being gone for a week.  So I just started drinking water for all meals (or just not eating breakfast).  Then at camp I ate their breakfast foods and didn’t eat cereal and wasn’t really interested in watered down TANG (who cares if it is good for the astronauts!) – so I simply stuck to water all week long.  Then when I returned home I just sort of kept drinking water over the weekend and to start this week, as I didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping till last night.  So there you have it – for the last 10 days it has been straight up “Watergate” for me!  (that’s about to break as I am planning to go upstairs and get a bowl of cereal at the end of this post!)

Speaking of camp last week – I was pretty much at the mercy of whatever foods they chose to provide – which for the most part wasn’t too bad.  I did do well, as already mentioned, drinking water – although it was hard to keep up with how much I had been drinking, not to mention not always having access to immediately filling up my water bottle.  Ultimately I don’t think I was drinking quite a gallon a day.  But on an upside – I did not eat ANY candy (well minus a handful of skittles one of the students gave me – GET BEHIND ME SATAN haha) during our canteen times – and for most of them I ate an apple – I probably almost averaged 1.5 apples a day by eating a couple at breakfast as well as during the canteen times.  Due to more activity and exercise I probably ate more at meals than I normally would so I was a lil concerned that it might hurt my weight gain/loss plans.

So now that I’ve recapped sort of my last week or so – now is the moment of truth – this week’s weigh in!

Drumroll please…………………………..

As of Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 my weight is:  233 lbs.

Yep that’s right – exact same weight as Sunday, July 4th (remember I wasn’t able to weigh in on Wed last week so I just took a mid-week weigh in) – so the good news is my out of the norm schedule of eating while at camp did NOT affect me at all.  So at least I maintained which I am pretty happy with at this point.  Now to continue on moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION of heading down on the LB’s.

I was able to hit up the grocery store last night.  Picked up a bunch more deli meat (the lady at checkout said “looks like someone is having a hoagie party” I chuckled and then kicker her in the teeth ha ha – okay not really she looked like she could fight!) even got some steamer bags of veggies – some salad mix and of course my all-new favorite cajun snack mix along with raisins and dark chocolate m&m’s to snack on during the day.  Rounded out of course with some more apples & grapes.  So it looks like I am well stocked to jump back into the “battle of the bulge” for this week & next.

So till next time – “WATERGATE IS ALIVE & WELL” – Healthy or Not HERE I COME!


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