(Chase)ing a dream!

Hey people – just asking you to help me help a friend & fellow minister out.  Some may already know and some may not, but the Worship Leader from our church here in Atlanta – Mr. Chase Gentes has a band that has been together for almost a couple of years now – the band is called “A RANSOM PLEA” – these guys are great friends, musicians, and just generally good guys – they also have a real heart & passion for serving the Lord not simply through their music & lyrics but with their lives.

So FIRST you should check them out and see about bringing them to some event you may have – they are already booking as many shows as they can and are trying to get into new markets – BUT ALSO THERE IS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO HELP!

Chase has entered a contest through a local big Christian Radio station here in the ATL – 104.7 The Fish – he had to go in as a solo act but is using it to help benefit the band if he wins.  Basically the contest is attempting to get tons of views on YouTube for the video he posted.  He is performing the song he wrote “Without You” and I may be biased but I think it is a great song & will be a hit!

So check out his video right here on my blog – then please pass the link on to others and try to get as many hits/views as possible – I believe the contest ends on August 20th – so we have about 3 weeks to really get this rocking and rolling!

So let’s help a brother as he “Chases a dream”!


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