I’m a ramblin’ man….

That’s right people – being totally inspired by Waylon Jennings – this week, most definitely, “I’m a ramblin’ man”!

This afternoon I’m jumping in the  Old Camry – whoops – I mean sporty new Jeep!!! (moment of silence for the first real road trip since the retirement of the camry…………..)

I’m jumping in the Jeep and headed out to Charlotte, NC to visit with some great friends of mine!  It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to visit so I am pretty pumped to get a chance to see them.

Then on Tuesday time to climb back in the new ride and head on over to Raleigh, NC and my old stomping grounds.  

Got a lot to get done in a lil bit of time.  My parents are meeting me on Tuesday to knock out some much-needed work on the condo that I still own there.  I have some new renters moving in and I gotta have the place looking a lil better.  Also I still have a few things left there from when I moved out and wasn’t sure when or if I might be coming back to live.  That doesn’t seem to be the case right now so I need to pack up some final things.

Then doing a lot of visiting with family and friends during the week and then topping it all off with the BIG FESTIVITIES for the weekend – the real reason I’m making this trip is to officiate the wedding for 2 former students who were involved with my ministry @ Campus Christian Fellowship at NC State.  They are a great couple and I am very much looking forward to getting back to see them and be a part of this momentous occasion!

It should be GOOD TIMES most definitely!  So after the Friday & Saturday fun with the Smith/Tabb wedding it’s time to climb back in the Jeep and get on the road again!  This time heading back to the “Queen City” to see the same set of friends again and spend a lil more time over into Sunday.  The cool thing about all this is that the wife in this couple of friends is actually a photographer (and man is SHE GOOD!!!) and she will actually be shooting the wedding that I am performing – it’s crazy cool how it all worked out.

You should really check out her stuff – you can find her on the web @ Christina-Lynn.com or become a fan of hers on facebook!

Finally I’ll be heading back to the ATL on Sunday 8/8 and try to get settled in with some REALLY AMAZING & EXCITING THINGS that God is doing back here with our church family.  THOSE POSTS will soon be coming – but it will all be getting unveiled next week while I am on the road – being a RAMBLIN’ MAN!


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