WOW what a week!

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So I decided to hook everyone up with a lil bit of what has gone on this last week for me, our church family, and some other great organizations I & we partner with.  There are a TON of exciting things – I’ll try to give the overview so you can be excited, be challenged, and be prayerful for what is going on!  There will also be a couple of video clips included at the bottom – please take a few minutes and check them out – I believe they are totally worth it!

Last Tuesday – 8/17 I had the opportunity to meet with the Stop Hunger Now Atlanta Advisory team.  If ya wanna know a lil more about what this is all about feel free to check out this post.  Basically here is where things stand, Stop Hunger Now (SHN) is in the process of hiring a Full-Time Warehouse Manager for the Atlanta project, they are securing a warehouse facility that is practically perfect for what they want/need to do and will include some free months of rent at the beginning of the lease.  They have been able to secure the use of a truck that is donated for the first few months at NO COST to be used.  All of these things are extremely important because at the current moment the STARTUP FUNDS needing to be raised just have not been coming in as hoped.

WE STILL NEED SOME MAJOR SUPPORTERS! We have only raised a little over $10,000 in cash, PLUS some more money from a grant they had just got confirmation they received but are not sure the amount yet, but are still WAY SHORT of the $100,000 total needed “technically” for startup.  Now this is a little misleading because the “in-kind donations” count toward this as well – so including those totals we are probably much closer to the $40,000+ mark.  BUT WE CAN STILL USE YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW who might want to get on board!

The plan is for the warehouse to be opened sometime during the first week or so of September (so this is just about to happen!!!).  Then they are holding a “GRAND OPENING” & Corporate Sponsor Packaging Event at the facility on Thursday, October 21st to raise more awareness and support for this project.  All of these are truly exciting things.

On Wednesday 8/18 I hit my lowest weight in this current adventure of my Wednesday Weigh-In’s

On Thursday 8/19 I had the opportunity to grab supper with some long time family friends over in mid-town ATL and it was great to catch up and relive some “good old days”.

On Friday 8/20 One of the guys from our church had invited a bunch of friends over to the “Pigs & Peaches Festival” in downtown Acworth, GA where he and some buddies who are on a competitive barbecue team were gearing up for the competition.  They cooked up some awesome eats and we all hung out and grubbed and had a good time chattin’ it up.

On Saturday 8/21 I got to participate in another exciting event with an organization that our church family gets involved with.  The YWCA of NW Georgia located in Marietta.  YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT WHAT WE DID RIGHT HERE.  It was just another awesome day of serving and fellowshipping alongside good friends and fellow people in our local body of Christ!

On Sunday, 8/22 – We had a great day of worship & fellowship at our Sunday Service for Christ’s Church at Cobb.  Jeff continued our series called “The Me I Want To BE” (check out our media page for sermon audio).  Some of the coolest stuff took place during the sermon.  Jeff shared a story from one of our member’s named Pete (see video at the bottom of post) and then he did an interview on stage with another guy named Wayne (also see video at bottom of post). I believe these were some powerful stories & moments in the celebration of things going on in our church life!  I don’t want to “spoil” the stories so I just invite you to take a few minutes and watch the clips!

It is AWESOME to see how God is working in the lives of some of our individuals.  I also had the opportunity to share about the service project my community group participated in the day before @ the YWCA.  It is so great to see the heartbeat & DNA of our church body toward serving others and showing the love of Christ in the community!

Monday 8/23 was a lil bit of some “down-time” as we didn’t have our normal schedule due to some problems with the internet at the office and Jeff not feeling well.  So it was a nice day to catch up on some things by working at home.  But it did also allow me again to get out and play some volleyball with friends that evening and keep up with my “trying to eat & live healthier” routine.

Then on Tuesday 8/24 I had the TREMENDOUS PLEASURE of driving downtown to go and visit the wonderful friends at CARE NET PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER OF ATLANTA.  This is a group we have partnered with and built a special friendship over the last couple years.  I was going to shoot a sort video clip from their Executive Director Shealeta for something we are showing this coming Sunday.  I had the opportunity to share with them about some of the great & exciting things that God is doing for & with us in our church family.  As well as it allowed me a time to catch up on what is going on in their lives.  They are doing some amazing work there in the Urban heartland of Atlanta.

Also at a few different points during the week I got to meet up with different people who were buying stuff that my sister and I are selling on Craigslist – it is all a part of this plan for selling things we don’t need or are choosing to sacrifice in order to put the money toward the BIG OFFERING our church is having in a couple of weeks.  Find out more about that RIGHT HERE! (I’m telling you this is GOD-SIZED – CRAZY STUFF!)

So yeah – there it is – WOW, what a week!  As I look back I am still honored, humbled and amazed to be a part of some pretty awesome things.  I’m also SO EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to many of you who have partnered with me to allow me to be here, serving in all of these capacities.

Check out PETE’s STORY

Check out WAYNE’s STORY


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