Gotta Love ATL traffic!

Headed into the office today and this is what I see up ahead of me:

Cops with their lights flashing and some “oversized load” trucks – but I couldn’t quite make out what it was yet.

Then as I get closer it all starts to become more clear:

at first I thought it might be a huge double-wide trailer – but NOPE even better – some sort of house/pontoon/crazy huge BOAT!  Look at that pickup in the far left hand lane for a size comparison.  It was taking up over 2 whole lanes of traffic.  I’ve seen some crazy stuff in traffic around here but this was MOST DEFINITELY a first!

So there you have it people – move to the ATL and no telling WHAT you might see in traffic.  And we wonder why we have some serious traffic jams around here!  But let me just say – the ones we have don’t even REMOTELY COMPARE to this mess in CHINA – did you hear about this horrific traffic jam?

So just when we think we have it bad – guess we can be thankful we aren’t in the same “BOAT” as those people in China!


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