“Project JC in EC” – Influences

Hey people – so I’m starting to spread the word a lil more about this movement that right now I’m calling “Project JC in EC” (click on previous link to read more about it)

Also if you are on Facebook you can become a FAN of the “Project JC in EC” page to keep updated and see what might be going on.  BUT REMEMBER it is still in the VERY EARLY STAGES – just a lot of research and planning going on right now.  So don’t expect it to be a full fledge involvement just yet.

I wanted to share with you some of the influencing factors during this little journey I’ve been on.  As I’ve been processing through these “next steps” in ministry that I believe God is laying on my heart, these are some of the books, songs, people who have been putting “flesh” on the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having.  So if you are interested in seeing a lil more about what I might be thinking about or being influenced by then check out some of these great resources!

(side note – These are “influences” which does not mean I see EVERYTHING eye-to-eye with some of these people, but they are challenging my thinking, my upbringing, my past and causing me to develop stronger study of scripture and the ideals that God has in mind – not so much what certain “establishments” or man’s opinion have in mind – just wanted to make sure that was clear before I move on)

I’ve read 2 books by FRANCIS CHAN that are powerful tools:

1) Crazy Love

2) Forgotten God

Another one that I just recently finished that TRULY CHALLENGED me and a lot of the ways I’ve just “always thought” was by Shane Claiborne – now be prepared this guy has extremely radical thinking, but he is really living what he is preaching.  I attended a conference where Shane spoke and shared about what their movement was doing.  I really resonated with a lot of what he has spoken & written about.  The book is called “The Irresistible Revolution”.

The above mentioned books were sort of some of the catalyst & motivation behind digging deeper into this movement of taking a deeper look at God’s Word in how to live out exactly what God is calling us to do as Christ Followers and not just accept the trends and traditions of what we often call “the church”.  But I also read another GREAT BOOK by a man named Reggie McNeal – this one does give you challenge and motivate, BUT it is a much more “nuts & bolts” of how to restructure your organization’s mindset through something called the “Missional Movement”.  I also heard Reggie speak at the same conference where I heard Shane Claiborne – I really took home a LOT of stuff to think about after that.  I really feel like God showed me a lot of things about the plans for my future through that conference!

I highly encourage anyone leading any sort of ministry (especially being in any LEAD role in an established church) to pick this up and give it some truly “open-minded” reading.  It is powerful stuff.  The book is called – “Missional Renaissance” by Reggie McNeal

Finally I have come across a couple of songs recently on the radio that have connected with this same type of mindset for me:

“Keep Changing the World” by Mikeschair – check out the video (I’m really digging this one!)

“Human” by Natalie Grant

Both of these songs have lately been speaking a lot of the thoughts that I’ve been wrestling with.

So there you have it – a lil bit of what has been influencing my life & thoughts over the last few months.  These aren’t the ONLY things of course but some of the main ones.  So if anyone out there has been thinking and/or feeling that God may be stirring something new in you OR if you have considered what things might look like for this “Project JC in EC” deal – now you have a lil better of a picture of where my head has been.

If you are thinking even REMOTELY about something like this in your area or possibly coming to check out the beginning stages of “Project JC in EC” then hit up these resources to see how they might affect you.  Also don’t hesitate to keep in touch with me.  And remember through it all may God be Glorified!


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