“HONHIC – Wk. 12” – If you had seen what I ate…

Okay people – I’m keeping up with my Wednesday Weigh-In schedule for “HONHIC” (Healthy Or Not Here I Come) – and if you are wondering what all this is about then check it out HERE!  If you just want a quick rundown of last week for comparison sake then check it out HERE!

So here we are – basically at the 3 month mark (man that is hard to believe) of starting this journey to weight loss & better health & more active living.  This past week was basically a crazy whirlwind for me as I travelled back to E City, NC (my home stomping grounds).  I left last Wednesday, as was indicated in last weeksHONHICpost and I just got back yesterday evening.

Anytime I travel it’s tough to stay on track – especially the drinking water side and this past week I did horrible – not that I drank other things, but I just wasn’t able to keep pumping the fluids and drink my goal of about 1 gallon of water a day.  Then when you mix in with all of that, I was at home where my mom & dad were making some awesome home cooked meals – my portion sizes GREATLY increased.  I also visited with some family and friends and that involved some serious eating out at restaurants I normally would not visit as often – so all in all I was QUITE CONCERNED with my food intake over the last 7 days.

I’m gonna be honest as I thought back over it all I kept thinking – well my only excuse will be “If you had seen what I ate, then it would not have surprised you that I gained weight this week” (which would be discouraging considering I gained the most weight for a weigh in at my last Wednesday weigh in).  So that was my basic mindset heading into this morning – so without holding you in suspense any longer, here we go.

Drumroll please…………………………..

As of Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 my weight is:  231.5 lbs.

OH YEAH – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! – After all my concerns from the above reasons I actually dropped a pound while on my trip – I was pretty excited (not as excited as I would have been if I was back under the magical 230 mark, but I’ll take it!)

So now that I’m back on the ground in the ATL and moving past the 3 month mark – I gotta renew the seriousness of all of this.  I must work a lil harder on my eating habits – keep up the fluid intake – and maybe find even more outlets of exercise than just playing v-ball a couple of nights a week.  I’m finding that my “plateau” seems to be the 230 mark and I’ll have to work slightly harder to get under it FOR GOOD – and to get down closer to that 225 lb. range.

So the up & down battle continues & I appreciate you keep up with the journey but as always I gotta keep pushing forward with the mantra of “HEALTHY OR NOT, HERE I COME”!


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