Back out on the open road

Just a quick update to let ya know about some exciting things going on for me in the coming days.  Also to let you know I will GREATLY COVET any and all prayers you can lift up for me during this time.


Stone Memorial Christian Church - Collinsville, VA


I am leaving this afternoon to drive up to Patrick Springs, VA where an Uncle & Aunt live.  I will be staying with them tonight through Wednesday night as I participate in a revival not far from them.  I have the EXTREME pleasure and opportunity to be sharing messages from God’s word with the great people of Stone Memorial Christian Church in Collinsville, VA.  

I will be preaching Sunday morning @ 10:30 AM and Sunday Evening @ 6 PM.  Then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening @ 7 PM each night.

God has been laying it on my heart to share the following messages:

On Sunday we will be delving into an exciting 2 part series on GRACE – 1) What it is! and 2) What it does!

Then on Monday evening we will be taking the challenge to “Choose the Divine Adventure”

Followed by Tuesday evening where there will be a call to ask “How’s Your Serve?”

Finally closing down on Wednesday evening with an action packed look at the act of worship known as “Communion”

I would love to welcome anyone in the area to come on out and join us as we fellowship & worship together and as I believe God reveals some great truths through His powerful scriptures.  This is also where I’d like to ask for your prayers.  I know that I am but a weak – sin-filled human who strives to be a humble servant, but often times my own evil desires get in the way.  So please pray for me – to get OUT OF THE WAY of God’s Spirit to do what He does best.  Please pray for the people for it to be a time of fellowship, encouragement, conviction and challenge for all that are involved (including my own self).

Pray for the other things, meetings, visits with family & friends, meals together, times of prayer – and so many other things that go on during the week that are maybe not seen as the “main point” of the revival but that God will use to do mighty things during this week in ALL OF OUR LIVES.

Again if you are in the area – I’d love for you to stop in – please catch up with me so we can chat.  If you aren’t in the area or can’t make it – then please at least be lifting all of this up in prayer.  Pray also for Tim, Les, Buddy and the other church leaders & volunteers with whom I have the pleasure of serving side-by-side with this week!

Thanks to everyone and hope you all have a wonderful week!  I’ll be back in the ATL – Lord willing – sometime on Thursday afternoon/evening 10/14.


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