Okay people – I’m keeping up with my Wednesday Weigh-In schedule for “HONHIC” (Healthy Or Not Here I Come) – and if you are wondering what all this is about then check it out HERE!  If you just want a quick rundown of last week for comparison sake then check it out HERE!

So for those of you wondering why I’m doing my WEDNESDAY WEIGH-IN on FRIDAY – no I haven’t lost my mind and can’t read a calendar – GO BACK AND LOOK AT MY POST FROM LAST WEEK!

I was pretty concerned after getting in yesterday afternoon from my road trip to Collinsville, VA – while I had a GRAND TIME visiting with friends and family and getting to share in a Revival with the Stone Memorial Christian Church family – I was quite certain my “battle of the bulge” had taken a severe hit.  My schedule was completely outta whack while there.  I ended up eating most of my evening meals AFTER the services were over each evening which meant eating supper between 9 – 10 PM – which I try to NEVER DO.  I also didn’t drink nearly as much water each day as I would typically like.  Due to being gone I missed out on volleyball and certainly did not seek out any OTHER forms of regular exercise.  So you can begin to see my dilemma.

When you add to this that I was eating out more often and since it was “church” related stuff going on – that typically means you gotta also eat MORE as you sit around and just visit with people – so all of this made for a very anxious step back up on the scale for me this morning.  But I had to do it – and so now I must share it with you……

Drumroll please…………………………..

As of Friday, October 15th, 2010 my weight is:  230 lbs.

HOLY SMOKES – yeah you read that right – TWO-HUNDRED & THIRTY POUNDS – the exact same as a week and a half ago at my last weigh in!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! I was so pumped that for the first time in this endeavor – after a road trip or a major change to my schedule I did NOT gain any of the weight back – but was successful at being able to at least maintain the weight.  Now as I get back into my routine I don’t have to play catchup and lose the weight I just gained back, but instead can focus on bypassing the 2-3-0 mark and head down south to the 225 where I’d more like to be.  So what a great way to kick off my weekend!  So look out ya’ll it is SO ON as I continue to shout – “HEALTHY OR NOT, HERE I COME”!


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