“HONHIC – Wk. 20” – Savannah Setback??

Okay people – I’m keeping up with my Wednesday Weigh-In schedule for “HONHIC” (Healthy Or Not Here I Come) – and if you are wondering what all this is about then check it out HERE!  If you just want a quick rundown of last week for comparison sake then check it out HERE!

Not gonna like to you – all those fine Savannah eateries that were tempting my taste buds and filling my belly this past weekend had me a lil concerned that I might ruin the weight loss HIGH I was on from last week’s venture into the  2 – 2 – 8!  I had a great time visiting friends and touring the old city full of Southern Charm, but it was also filled with 2 solid seafood feasts, an enormous calzone from a neat little pizza place in the City Market area, along with a bountiful brunch @ “b. Matthews” right down on Bay Street followed up but an “EXTREME CHOCOLATE” shake from Leopold’s.

Leopold's Ice Cream in dowtown Savannah GA

As you can imagine with a culinary resume such as this during one weekend I was quite uncertain as to the end results – but to be truly honest it was all so enjoyable I didn’t much care!  And then here I find myself on Wednesday morning ready to hop back up on the scale and get ripped right back into reality – so here we go….

Drumroll please…………………………..

As of Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 my weight is:  227.5 lbs.

OH YEAH – that’s right friends, Romans, countrymen – lend me your eyes – YOU SAW THAT RIGHT – I still lost another one-half pound even after the weekend of feasting!  What I had left out to this point was also the crazy amount of walking we did seeing as how my friend & I were too cheap to take any of those “Trolley Tour” deals while in Savannah – we basically plotted out our course and took our own lil tour via “pat & charlie”.  Not to mention I finally got back to playing volleyball last night after a 2 week layoff and that great exercise ALWAYS HELPS!

So now I have once again walked away with renewed vigor – I’ve finally hit the halfway point between 230 & 225 so my hope is to begin to lean much “heavier” to the lighter side!  (yes – pun intended) in hopes to keep the steps in place to mimic Wal-mart’s falling prices by having the numbers keep tumbling off my scale.

So I guess it is THREE CHEERS for not settling into a Savannah Setback but instead sailing forward with a self-satisfied shout of “HEALTHY OR NOT, HERE I COME”!


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