{THANKS}Giving Week Special!

Hey People – got a lil THANKSgiving week surprise for ya!

My friend CAROLINE over at “From Africa With Love” is taking us all on a pretty sweet journey of Thanks!

She has invited anyone & everyone to join her.  She and her family have traveled back across MANY MILES from South Africa to the Grand Ole South of the US of A to spend time for Thanksgiving & Christmas.  So she decided to invite some of her friends (including YOURS TRULY – yes I DO HAVE FRIENDS and NO it isn’t because they live in other countries and don’t HAVE to be around me! ha ha ha) to contribute some special “guest posts” this week while she is on the go.

So go over to her place and check out her {THANKS}giving week special guest posts!  They can be found by clicking the following “girly” logo!  See how much I am willing to support her – I’m even willing to include this lovely lil logo cause I am completely secure in my bloggy-manhood!

She began this endeavor on Sunday – so go back and read through these great posts. (in fact my friend Amanda got the Monday slot and hers was powerful)

Don’t forget to check back in on THURSDAY – where I was so fortunate to receive the coveted “ACTUAL THANKSGIVING DAY” guest post!


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2 responses to “{THANKS}Giving Week Special!

  1. I will not comment on the “turkey” getting to post on Thanksgiving. . .I will resist the urge. . . .

    Thanks for the shout out–

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