Birmingham Dream Center

Today – Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 is a pretty big day for me.  Some of you may be aware about my impending plans to move back to my home area in NC and continue this journey of “not-so-specific” aspects of ministry.  I have been seeking opportunities for exposure to different kinds of community outreach organizations.  As I have been reading/discussing/praying/pondering I came across information on this place called the “Dream Center” that was based out of Los Angeles, CA.

As God tends to do – He brought it to my attention in a few different ways.  I was reading a book called “The Externally Focused Church”, which gave some information about this idea of “Dream Centers”.  At the same time a cousin of mine, who knew about the things I was considering and investigating, sent an article in the mail to me that was all about these places called “Dream Centers”.  I knew that I had just recently read something about them – so I went back and looked up that section.  As I did further study I found out there just happens to be one of these – “Dream Center” ministries located in Birmingham, Alabama, which just so happens to be located about 2 hours from my home here in the Atlanta area!

I decided to look them up and make some contacts.  Long story short – they have been EXTREMELY GRACIOUS to me and have invited me to come tour their facilities and to meet with the Director of the facility, Dr. Record. So today from about Noon till 4 PM I will be “on-site” and getting lots of feedback and getting guidance as to whether or not this is something that would be a direction in which God is leading me.

I am anxious & excited to have the opportunity to share with such great servants of the Lord and whether or not this is an open door for an avenue in which God calls me to venture down – I am most CERTAIN that it will be a most beneficial experience for me.

So if you think about it – say a little prayer for me today for the things that God has in store and whether or not this is something that I am supposed to be bringing back to the E City, NC area!

I encourage & invite you to check out what they are doing to minister to those in the margins of society there in Birmingham, Alabama!


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