Giving Gifts that MATTER!

In another post I told a story in hopes to motivate and challenge your heart to WANT to give.

Now I am sharing HOW TO GIVE:

As always any and all of the organizations that I listed in the other post will accept monetary gifts from anywhere.


Wellspring Living has an arm of their own ministry where they open “Upscale Resale Boutiques” that specialize in gently used furniture, clothing and housewares.  They have one already opened one Peachtree City, GA and one in Duluth, GA – and here is the GREAT NEWS – they are in the process of opening one here in Cobb County – right in our back yard in Kennesaw, GA.

It is going to be called “Wellspring Treasures” and is located at:
Town Center Plaza
425 Ernest Barrett Parkway
Suite 4000
Kennesaw, GA  30144

(near T.J. Max & Marshall’s)

They could DESPERATELY USE our help!
They need DONATIONS ASAP and need VOLUNTEERS as well to get the store up and running

It is an awesome business model where they only hire the Manager & Assistant Manager and then fill the store with all volunteer help.  That way they can maximize the proceeds to go directly into the homes that they open to rehabilitate the rescued girls from the sex trafficking industry.

Here is what they accept:
1) Clothes
2) Accessories – jewelry, hand-bags etc.
3) Gently Used Furniture
4) Home decor

(here is a more specific list of items they DO & DO NOT take – it is from another store so it is just a guideline not specific to this new store)

Can you think of a MORE APPROPRIATE PLACE to not only MAKE DONATIONS of things you do not use or need around your own home, but also to donate your time serving, not to mention doing your shopping there to find great items and encouraging friends who love to shop in these types of resale retail stores!!!

For every dollar that is made you can feel great knowing that most if not all the money is being used for the rehab process of these young children who have been rescued from such a horrific life.  To be reminded of God’s love for them and the fact that they now have HOPE for a PROMISING FUTURE – something of which many of them never fathomed would be possible!

If you ask me – that is truly GIVING GIFTS THAT MATTER!

(speaking of which – I just dropped off 2 boxes full of clothes this morning – won’t you do the same!)


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