10 Days – 10 Deserving Causes!

So it just hit me a lil earlier today that we are exactly 10 Days from Christmas Morning (including today all the way to the actual day of Christmas) and I was thinking about how crazy that is that we are here at the end of 2010 already.

When I couple that with the fact that I’m nearing the end of my time in ministry here in the Atlanta area and have been doing a lot of “reflective” thinking about my 2.5 years here, I decided I wanted to do something important to me over these last 10 days leading up to Christmas.

When I think about Christmas I think about the fact that God reached down into the world to give us an ENORMOUS GIFT that we as humans desperately needed – one that we could in no way provide for ourselves nor could we do anything in return to earn it.

So I started thinking about how we all have the chance to do somewhat that same thing on a much SMALLER level to others in our world.  We are able to give gifts in so many different formats – giving of time, giving of talents, giving of treasure and the list goes on and on.

So beginning this evening and over the next 10 days I want to tell you about 10 EXTREMELY DESERVING CAUSES that I have personally been involved with – that are making HUGE DIFFERENCES in people’s lives both globally and locally.  These are not the ONLY places you can invest, but they are near and dear to me and I would highly encourage if you are looking for a place to make some sort of donation here at the end of the year (doesn’t everyone just love getting those last-minute tax-deductible gifts in!!!) to check out at least 1 of these, if not a few of them!

So keep track over the next 10 days and then do me a favor and take a minute to do something to help one of these causes.  Just a side note – these 10 are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER – but the first 5 will be focused on GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS and then the final 5 will be focused on LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS!
Maybe you can help build awareness as well as helping to build their bankrolls during this wonderful Christmas Season!


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