10 Days – 10 Causes: Samaritan’s Feet South Africa

As opposed to yesterday’s post – today’s organization you might not be nearly as aware of.  I found out about SAMARITAN’S FEET SOUTH AFRICA because of a great friendship with a former student in our partnership of Campus Ministries back in North Carolina.  My friend Caroline and her husband have started this ministry over in South Africa and she does a MASTERFUL JOB telling the stories of the great things going on there through her blog (that you should totally take time to read – be careful though cause if you do you will probably get hooked by her witty writing and find yourself returning on a regular basis).

I’ve had the great pleasure of partnering with them already by sending pairs of new shoes over as a part of a big shoe drive put on a couple of months back.  But even more exciting is the fact that I am making plans to travel to the beautiful land of South Africa later in the summer of 2011 to participate in a mission trip to work alongside of them doing God’s work in the lives of the children they serve!

This is an AWESOME ORGANIZATION and I would TRULY LOVE for you to get involved and make a donation during this Christmas Season – and I’m sure Caroline and her hubby Mark would enjoy it quite a bit as well!

So go check them out and help me SPREAD THE WORD!

Check out this Video to see a lil bit more about Samaritan’s Feet

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