10 Days – 10 Causes: CICM

CICM or better yet Central India Christian Mission is an organization that has been special to me throughout just about my entire life, although I’ve only been truly more knowledgeable about it over the last 5-6 years.

Brother Ajai & Sister Indu Lall began this amazing ministry back in 1982.  I originally met them when I was a very small child.  Ajai attended the same Bible College in North Carolina where my parents worked and many of our own family attended and/or graduated from.  My parents were some of the ones on staff that sort of “adopted” Ajai as he was so very many miles from home.  There are numerous stories of times that he and his wife visited with my parents and built a deep – lifetime friendship.  I can vaguely remember our family being invited over to their home and treated to an authentic Indian meal, so from my earliest of memories they have been a special family that have been a part of our family.

Neal with Lall Family in India - 2006

Back in 2006 is when I got the “full immersion” of the power of their ministry.  I was invited with a team of others to travel to India and work as a part of a group that would speak/teach and lead at an area youth conference.  Some 2,500 people attended this conference and there were some truly unbelievable moments that took place that year.  We got to tour the Bible College and Nursing School they have built.  We visited the hospital they started in the local town as well as getting an inside look at the incredible mobile “Medical Clinics” they take into some of the poorest tribes in some of the most remote villages.  It was a very overwhelming and humbling experience.

They also have an exciting ministry much like the one of COMPASSION that I spoke of a couple of days ago, where they have a Child Sponsorship program.  It is so efficient and effective that you are able to sponsor a child for only $18 a month.  One of the most inexpensive programs I’ve ever seen like this.  While I was working in Campus Ministry, our group sponsored 2 children from this program.

They also have a Children’s Home where children, who would most likely be left for dead or involved in other horrific acts, can be taken in and shown immeasurable amounts of love, medical care, training & education and most importantly HOPE!

If there was EVER AN ORGANIZATION the EMBODIED THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS, I can honestly say it is CICM.  There are so many exciting ways that you can give and be a part of this tremendous – life-changing – life-giving ministry – I urge you to consider connecting with them in some very tangible way before the end of 2010!

You can – SPONSOR A CHILDSPONSOR AN EVANGELIST – make an overall DONATION to the ministry – even do very specific things with your giving such as: sponsor a nurse or doctor, provide a bicycle-moped-motorcycle for the workers, help provide Bibles translated into the language and so many more exciting avenues.

God is truly doing some amazing things through these humble servants.  In the midst of many trials and much persecution these resolute Christ-followers and world changers continue undaunted.  I am fully convinced that you will be greatly blessed by discovering more about them and becoming a partner with them – so take a few minutes and check them out today!
Then tell a friend about this powerful presence of light in India!


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