10 Days – 10 Causes: Stop Hunger Now

Today I am sharing with you the FIFTH Organization of the 10 DESERVING CAUSES – it is the last of the Globally Focused ones and tomorrow I will begin to share with you 5 more that are more Locally Focused to our community.  The tricky part about this one (and the main reason I chose it to be 5th) is that it is able to fall into both categories.  The reason I believe it has this flexibility is due to the fact that Stop Hunger Now finally has (as of its opening in September of this year) a local warehouse for storage and packaging of meals to be shipped overseas – thus also fulfilling the GLOBAL aspect.  This is a very exciting organization and one that I have been fortunate to pour quite a bit of time and effort into over the last couple years.

I’ve enjoyed getting to be a part of the expansion to the Atlanta area and partnering with them in this effort to “end world hunger in their lifetime” – which is a popular quote you will hear their representatives share during informational sessions.  I’ve learned so much more about the realities of the issues of hunger in our world and the very simply steps that can be taken to combat this problem.  Instead of coming away with a feeling of being overwhelmed and helpless it has instead giving me an excited HOPE-filled attitude.

I love the way they incorporate the local communities to come together and raise funds and work side-by-side to package meals that will then be shipped to the 4 corners of the earth to help with school feeding programs and disaster relief aid.  I would highly recommend you checking out this organization and finding one near you to get in touch with.  The meal packaging events are not only truly meaningful and life-changing for those who will receive them but also allow for a fun, exciting environment for the volunteers involved.  Whatever group you are a part of – this would provide an event that your people would speak about for YEARS to come.

Also there is still a HUGE NEED to help the ATLANTA EXPANSION START-UP!  They have a great business model that one of these local warehouses can be started with only a ONE-TIME fundraising effort of $100,000 to get it up off the ground.  Then the program becomes self-sustaining with the money that is raised for the actual meal-packing events.  What a TREMENDOUS concept that once it is up and running you don’t continuously have to keep raising funds.  So if you are looking for a great organization that could use a great “end of the year” gift – look NO FURTHER than the STOP HUNGER NOW – ATLANTA branch.  It will be a tremendous blessing to both your Local & Global community!

So check out this video which tells a little more about them & then why not visit the site & give as well as share this news with a friend!


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