10 Days – 10 Causes: Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta

As we continue our list of “10 Days – 10 Deserving Causes” – today turns the corner from our Global organizations to our Local ones.  This next one is an organization full of people I have come to know and love during my 2.5 years here in the ATL.  The staff and volunteers of Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta are some AMAZING PEOPLE.  I love their heart, energy, passion and focus for ministering to those in this field of need.  I have actually spent quite a bit of time writing about this group in the past – so feel free to go back and check out some of those previous CARE NET POSTS!

My partnership with this great organization began early in my time here in Atlanta.  They were one of our first groups to work with during our annual “Great Day of Service” held every October.  We have watched them grow and do some amazing things in the heart of the urban center there in downtown Atlanta.  They have come and shared words of challenge and encouragement with our people at our Sunday mornings gatherings and we have sent down numerous workers who have spent countless hours serving in a myriad of ways in an attempt to bless their ministry.

I find it truly ironic (and by “ironic” I mean “God interrupted” ha ha) that today would be the day I had chosen to share with you about this ministry because of what took place earlier this afternoon.  I received a call from a family that has been with our church for a few years but is soon moving away.  The wife has decided to get rid of a bunch of their baby stuff – as they have 2 young sons.

bag full of stuffed animals

She wanted to know if I thought Care Net could use the items, to which I of course responded “MOST DEFINITELY!”.  So as I was headed in to the office I swung by their home and helped load it all up.  As much as this was a tough moment for a mom to finally let go of some of the stuff from her “baby boys” – it was ultimately such a greater moment for those families in need that these items will go on to help and be ministered to.  I reassured her that any time her sentiment started to get the best of her to just think about all the good that this would do – to which she no doubt agreed.

Some of the AWESOME goodies donated to Care Net

What an AWESOME CHRISTMAS SPIRIT feeling it was to drive away from their home with my Jeep packed floor to ceiling – front windshield to back window with everything from stuffed animals to baby bath to car seats to toys to strollers and the list goes on and on!

This was such a great reminder that there are JUST SO MANY STINKIN’ WAYS TO GIVE to others.  We can go out and buy items (go back and take a look at this post on donating I thought was pretty cool and creative) – or we can find items we may own but are not used anymore and are just sitting wastefully by when they could be getting used by others in need – or we can take time rounding up supplies from others who may have the stuff & the desire to unload but no connection (or strong enough connection to put forth the effort) to a great organization such as Care Net.

So I invite you today – to take a few moments out and go visit their website.  Share their story & message with a friend who may be in need or maybe looking for someone to help with.  If you are looking for a TREMENDOUS ORGANIZATION to give a much-needed “end of the year” gift towards – then please contact them to make a donation.

In fact later this week I am not only driving downtown to deliver all these goodies in the pictures above.  But I will also have the pleasure of carrying the money we have collected through our Elementary Age Sunday Morning program.  These kids have given their offerings this year to help the children and families that are loved on and ministered to via Care Net – this is truly an awesome part of the role in which I get to play while working here!


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