10 Days – 10 Causes: YWCA

Today’s organization from our list of “10 Days – 10 Causes” is the local YWCA situated in Marietta, GA.  I became aware of this wonderful group of people when our church was looking for another project for our annual “Great Day of Service” held in October.  We were able to send a team over there to help with yard work and maintenance around the facility.

As we have continued to build a relationship with this organization I have become  so much more aware of all the great resources they provide and all of the considerable needs that they have.

In fact check out some of this INCREDIBLE INFORMATION pulled directly off their WEBSITE:

As the only certified domestic violence shelter in Cobb County and sexual assault service provider in Cherokee,
Cobb and Paulding counties, a staff of 25 is not enough to serve an estimated 12% (81,519) of the victims
of these crimes annually.
The YWCA has a 32-bed shelter, a 60-bed transitional housing program and a 24-hour crisis line.

The small group I have been a part of with our local church body decided to get involved on a more regular basis.  We would take a Saturday just about every other month and head over to the YWCA in Marietta.  We would spend approximately 3-4 hours and knock out a huge list of items off their “To-Do” list.  We have done everything from painting to mowing grass to cutting up limbs to wrestling kudzoo outta the bushes to cleaning out storage facilities to fighting swarms of bees in an old dead tree (TRUE STORY!) to edging sidewalks to hanging shelf units and just about everything in between.  We have always had an awesome time working alongside these great people and it always feel like we have been blessed as well as being a blessing when we drive out of the parking lot after these service days.

One of the things we found out through working with them is that they are ALWAYS WRESTLING with an EXTREMELY TIGHT BUDGET.  So much so that one of their lead people told me that they can only afford a maintenance man 1 day a week for 8 hours a day.  This means that during 1 month he is able to put in about 32 hours TOTAL – so when we show up with 10-12 people on a Saturday and work for 3-4 hours, we are able to DONATE as much time in one afternoon as that 1 worker is for an ENTIRE MONTH!  That’s when it hit me just how huge a need they have.  They are always so extremely appreciative of the work we have been able to do.


So I invite you to go to their site, contact them and find out how YOU CAN GET INVOLVED – DONATE your TIME – your TALENTS – and even more so your TREASURE to help these people who are truly working hard to make the most of the little that they have – to serve and show love to EXPONENTIALLY MORE LIVES!

A great way to help is with a NEW BUILDING CAMPAIGN they are moving into – check out the “SQUARE FOOT CLUB” as they attempt to tackle some DESPERATELY NEEDED building remodeling to allow them to perform even more VITAL services to this community!


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