10 Days – 10 Causes: Wellspring Living

Here we are on Christmas Eve with just 2 of our GRAND ORGANIZATIONS left in our “10 Days – 10 Causes”.
I’m so glad you have taken the time to stop back in and check out this AMAZING GROUP known as WELLSPRING LIVING.

I’m not even really sure I know where to being to explain how vital it would be for you to discover more about & get involved with this revolutionary ministry!  Just two and a half years ago upon my arrival in Atlanta I had absolutely ZERO idea about the atrocities going on in this world in the area of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and the desperate need for quality organizations such as Wellspring.

Fortunately & Unfortunately I’ve had the rude awakening that comes with a greater grasp of the dire situations that so many young girls find themselves in, who are trapped in this disgusting world of Sex Slave Trafficking.  This is not simply something happening a million miles from our doorstep, found only in 3rd world countries.  (I think many of us would be a lot happier or at least more comfortable if that were the case – as indicated by a fictional little story I shared a while back about this world) NO – it is right here – right in our own front as well as backyard here in Atlanta.  And Wellspring as well as a number of other tremendous groups (such as Innocence Atlanta and Street Grace) have decided “NOT ON OUR WATCH” any longer – SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

I have been so excited to watch the response of the people within our church family to get behind this organization and not simply “throw money” at an issue, but to also roll up their sleeves and get involved.  Our people have showed up and helped out in numerous ways, allowing Wellspring to expand one of their exciting arms of ministry into our local community.  CHECK OUT A PAST POST to find our more about these “Upscale Resale Boutiques” called “Wellspring Treasures” and how they could use YOUR HELP!

Also stop by their WEBSITE and take a look around at all they offer and maybe educate yourself a lil more on the harsh realities of this dark & devious world that goes on right under our noses.

And if NOTHING ELSE at least take a minute and find out how you could give a much-needed END OF THE YEAR DONATION to help this unbelievably urgent cause!

You want to talk about a TRUE STORY of redemption that goes a long way to mirror that of the VERY ONE in which we pay honor to during this Christmas Season – then LOOK NO FURTHER than to the wonderful men & women of WELLSPRING LIVING!


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