10 Days – 10 Causes: Jesus Place

So here we are – we’ve FINALLY ARRIVED on the last Day & Cause of our “10 Days – 10 Causes” list.  On a most fitting day – the day in which we celebrate the FINAL ARRIVAL of the ONE who has been sent to redeem this world.  I can think of no more fitting place to tell you about than our friends who started and serve with – most appropriately – JESUS PLACE!

So just as we share in the JOY of today, being reminded of the place that Jesus took in this world some 2,000 years ago and the place of HOPE He desires to take in all of our lives – I want to tell you a little bit more about “Jesus Place – Inner City Mission” which is located in downtown Atlanta.

I must admit again that this is another ministry that I have not PERSONALLY had experience working with.  I have spoken with some of their leaders by phone and at area meetings and I have set up times for the people from our church to go and serve alongside of them.  I have had many “common friendships” with the people who began this great work and continue to lead it so faithfully.

The first year I was here in Atlanta I lined up the opportunity for our youth and some sponsors to go downtown and work with Jesus Place during our “Great Day of Service”.  Our people got the wonderful opportunity to share in a worship service there at the facility and serve communion to those who were in attendance.  After the service they stayed around and helped serve food and distribute clothing to those who were in need.  These are just a few of the many great things that this wonderful organization provides.

I would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check out their website TO FIND WAYS YOU CAN BE INVOLVED!


And finally – AS ALWAYS – JUST CONTACT “JESUS PLACE” and find out how you could send an “End of the Year” donation!

I can think of NO BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATE the birth of Jesus – than by bestowing some great GIFT of LOVE on the “place” that bears His Name!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Praise be to the Father for sending His Son for us all!

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