San Diego – Cabrillo National Monument

Today was the final day of my trip to see my good friends Caleb & Carrie out West in San Diego, CA.  Over the last few days I’ve shared with you all some of our fantastic adventures, and now as I spend my last couple hours here (I board a plane in about 4 hours to fly back East) I figured I’d let ya in on the fun we had today.

Monument of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

We headed over this afternoon and picked up Carrie’s old roommate and good friend Jen and the 4 of us hit up some Chick-fil-a and then strolled over to see the Cabrillo National Monument (once again – as the theme of our tourist visits so far this was a place that I knew nothing about!).  So it’s time to let the photo fun begin!

Jen, Caleb, Carrie and Neal hanging out at the monument

First – after arriving, the crew got some pretty awesome panoramic views of the coastline.

View from top of Cabrillo National Monument

Notice 2 Islands waaaaaay back in the distant horizon that look a little like 2 dark mountains – it was a pretty clear day and you could see for miles!

Caleb was giving Carrie a photography lesson

Shot of the hillside leading down to the shore

The next 3 shots are of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse which was pretty cool to check out.

View of Lighthouse coming up the hill

View of Lighthouse from up on hill

View from other side of Lighthouse

These next couple photos were taken while standing up on the platform for the Monument of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.  They are panoramic pics of the San Diego Cityscape and the surrounding areas.  It was absolutely incredible how much you could see – and I am continued to be impressed by how well my camera phone (new HTC Incredible) is able to capture these stunning views!

View of Downtown San Diego

View of Ocean & Cityscapes of San Diego area

The final couple pictures are of Mexico – you can see right over into the country from where we were standing – granted it is a long way in the distance but still pretty cool that you are able to see that much land mass!

Long distance view into Mexico #1

Long distance view into Mexico #2

Hope you enjoyed this little adventure as much as I did – it was great just to get out and experience some of the incredible culture of this area.


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