Let me “i”mplore you!

Occasionally on my blog, I will highlight books I am reading that I believe will benefit some if not all of you in GREAT WAYS.

In fact as always you can keep up with my reading lists as possible suggestions of what books I find valuable for you to check out.

Find this book on Amazon!

Today’s book is one I received for attending the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this past October, but just had not stopped long enough to read – until today!  I am so thankful that I have finally stumbled upon this little gem and I would HIGHLY “i”MPLORE (upon reading it you will understand the reference to the “i”) to beg, borrow or buy this book and add it to your collection.  THIS IS ESPECIALLY the case if you are a parent, teacher, youth worker or have ANY CONTACT with young people born around the late 1980’s into the new millenium!

I’m only 1/4 of the way through it today (but am so enthralled with the subject matter & stories & statistics that I’ll probably have it finished through the weekend) but already know that it is a special book with a powerful perspective in reshaping the future of the lives of our youth.

So I invite you to go check out:  “Generation iY – Our Last Chance to Save Their Future” by Tim Elmore

Trust me – you WILL thank me & then you will most definitely want to thank Mr. Elmore!


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