Couple Solid Reads!

For those of you who care (and I know that list is extremely LOOOONG!!) let me make a couple of suggestions of some books to check out.  As always you can feel free to keep up with WHAT I’M READING whenever you’d like.  Hopefully you will find any and/or all of these books beneficial to you.

I just finished up a solid read on a book suggested to me by a buddy recently.  It is an old-school book (written back in early 90’s ha ha) that I’d never heard of. It’s called “Roaring Lambs” by Bob Briner.  Not only was the book one I’d never hear of – the author was new to me as well.  The book’s overall challenge was for Christ-followers to become “roaring lambs” in whatever realm of service or career in which they find themselves.  Based on Mr. Briner’s passion for sports & television and using the “cultural shaping” avenues such as the arts to make a global impact for Christ I really connected with the way he was using his platform to challenge people to truly make a difference.

I believe this is a TREMENDOUS read for all people who claim to believe in Christ, but especially for those who find themselves in the secular job market and truly uncertain of how they can best use their talents to serve God.

The next book that I’ve been finishing up in the last few days has been one I’ve been reading on my droid phone using the Kindle for Droid app.  I’ve really begun to enjoy this new method for digging into new books and so I found this a pretty easy read on this new medium.

The book is written by Craig Groeschel and is interestingly enough called “The Christian Atheist”.  Craig’s sense of humor really connects with me and the personal stories that he uses does a great job to paint a picture of the points his is trying to pound home.  He addresses a lot of issues dealing with forgiveness, trust, obedience and all from the angle of those who “claim” to be Christ-followers but how we sometimes live more like we don’t really believe what we say that we do.  It has been an extremely challenging but also fun read!

But hey – don’t just take my word for either of these – why not go check them out yourselves – I’m pretty sure you will thank me for it!  So leave some feedback if you’ve read either of these or after you read them come back and let us know what you think!


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