“HONHIC – Wk. 42” – Legends of the fall?

Okay people – I’m keeping up with my Wednesday Weigh-In schedule for “HONHIC” (Healthy Or Not Here I Come) – and if you are wondering what all this is about then check it out HERE!  If you just want a quick rundown of the post from last week for comparison sake then check it out HERE!

Yes – I realize that this is a day late (and if you know me it’s definitely a dollar short!) but due to some family circumstances I had to be out-of-town at the last-minute yesterday and was unable to get to the weigh-in.  So I figured I’d mix it up a lil bit with a “Thursday Weigh-In” instead.

Let me just say, the end of last week and the start of this week has been pretty crazy, but I felt like I had been able to do some things that helped curb some eating habits and I was FINALLY able to get back in the gym last night to play some volleyball.  So I felt pretty good going into this morning.  After the last couple weeks of dropping 5 total pounds to get back below the goal mark of 225, I DID realize that I’m in that tough spot where it’s harder to lose weight.  So sometimes it is more about maintaining what I’ve already lost.

Anyway there was nothing to do but climb back up on the scale – so let’s see the result….

Drumroll please…………………………..

As of Thursday, April 14th 2011 my weight is:  222.5 lbs.

OH YEAH – I’m happy to report a 3rd straight week of at least minor weight loss.  So the LEGEND OF THE FALL of my total weight # is no longer a legend, but a reality!  While to be honest I would have LOVED to have seen a whole other pound (or 2 or 3) drop off that total, I’m just glad it didn’t stay stagnant or even increase.  My hope is that I have finally gotten under the 225 mark to STAY.  Of course this means I’ll have to be even more diligent with exercise, but at least I know what is in store for me.

I’d like to believe that by now it’s gonna get easier, but I can’t let that myth even enter my mind as I continue the call of “HEALTHY OR NOT, HERE I COME”!


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