What’s going on??!!

So I’ve been a lil “BLOG MIA” as of late I know, but things have been a lil crazy – I thought I’d try to give a lil update with what all has been going on.

I’m about 2.5 months into being back in Elizabeth City and things have been a lil quiet on the “Project JC in EC” front.  (At least that is what I’m gathering since a lot of people have been asking me about it lately – which is cool cause that means people care and they want to know)  I haven’t been saying much because there has not been a ton to report.  There is still a LOT that is in the planning stages.

But let me give some life update so you know what’s been going on! 

I got back into E City the first week of February – I helped teach a couple MACU Classes and then got the opportunity to speak for Chapel.  I addressed the highly important issue of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Then I had the privilege of preaching a youth Revival @ Plymouth Church of Christ.  That weekend I ended up visiting with lots of friends & fellow workers at the Carolina Christian Youth Conference in the Raleigh/Durham area.

I’ve gotten plugged in with a new church home here in E City – Rehoboth Victory Christian Church.  I finally stopped long enough a couple of weeks ago to make it “official” and stand before the congregation to “move my membership” and become a full-fledged partner with them in ministry.  I’ve been helping lead an Old Testament Survey Bible study on the 1st & 3rd Sunday nights and I had the grand opportunity to preach for the first time, since I’ve been back, this past Sunday.  One of the first weekend’s in March we had 6 baptisms of some of the youth of our church; that was most definitely exciting times!

In Mid-March I attended the annual Homecoming and Gospel Rally for my Alma Mater – Mid-Atlantic Christian University.  That is always great fun.  The following week I traveled up to Ocean View, Delaware to speak for a youth event.  Drove back in on that Saturday evening only to turn around and travel to Washington, NC to speak for another youth event that Sunday night at First Church of Christ.

Last week I got the chance to participate in a great program called “Worship. Simply.” with tons of great people here on the campus of MACU.  It was a really neat experience with a different twist on the idea of “Worship”.

I’ve had bunches of meetings with city & community leaders.  I’ve visited with different ministers and a council in our town that brings together the leaders of our local school systems alongside the leaders of local churches.  I’ve had times to play basketball & volleyball with lots of the students at MACU.  I’ve run into long-time family friends and even had the chance to share a message with the local FCA at my home High School.

I’ve also experienced 3 funerals of close friends and family members over the last 2 months.  This has been a real reminder of the urgency of which we should live life for the cause of Christ.  Fortunately all 3 were strong believers and had lived their lives to honor God – so these occasions, albeit sad, were ultimately celebrations of these people’s lives.  It is a reminder to me of how tough it must be to lose someone who does not have the hope that is promised in Jesus & I am deeply thankful for the Church family & friends that I have to help through these tough times in life.

So all in all – that’s a lil bit of WHAT’S GOING ON – with me.  Hope this has kept you a bit up to date, I’m hoping to do a better job keeping everyone better informed of where things go from here.

Speaking of that – I leave this Friday morning to fly back to Atlanta to see family and spend Easter Weekend with the church where I worked for the last 2.5 years.  Then traveling on to Florida for a big Church planting conference in Orlando.  After the conference I’m taking a detour to visit a great friend in the Jacksonville, Fl area and then finally fly back home to NC on Monday, 5/2 – wow – hard to believe it will already be May!

So whether you care or not – at least now you know what’s going on!


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