Okay people – I’m keeping up with my Wednesday Weigh-In schedule for “HONHIC” (Healthy Or Not Here I Come) – and if you are wondering what all this is about then check it out HERE!  If you just want a quick rundown of the post from last week for comparison sake then check it out HERE!

After breaking the streak last week of 4 straight weeks of losing weight, by having my first “gain” in a while – I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around.  The last couple weeks have been crazy with travel and getting home & settled and all sorts of interesting stuff.  I had a fun but very “out of the ordinary” start to this week and it threw my schedule all outta whack, so I was a little concerned climbing up on the scale this morning.

But here we go…

Drumroll please…………………………..
As of Wednesday, May 11th 2011 my weight is:  225.5 lbs.

Much to my dismay, I have started a NEW STREAK which was sort of disappointing due to it being 2 straight weeks of gaining weight, needless to say this is a streak I desperately desire to break next week!  I guess on the bright side I am still “technically” in the 225 range but I was hoping to not bump back up over that mark again – so I need to be more diligent in the coming days. (which might be tough again as I am back on the road tonight – tomorrow & in to this weekend!)

I’ve got to work harder to get back into my rhythm of regular exercise/playing ball and also be more careful of what & when I eat.  Let’s see what happens next as I try to more faithfully say, “HEALTHY OR NOT, HERE I COME”!


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